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Car GPS Tracker Australia

The car GPS tracker Australia from The Spy Store is designed to protect what matters to you. By equipping you with state-of-the-art surveillance tools, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is safe. The Spy Store has all the tracking features for your surveillance needs – whether you are the owner of a large-scale enterprise, an on-call service driver, or the head of the family.

Enhance your overall safety and security with The Spy Store’s best vehicle tracker Australia. Our vast collection of monitoring accessories will allow you to choose the right device for your needs. All our car trackers devices are budget-friendly yet highly developed and well built. This means that all you have to do is pick the car tracking device that fits your lifestyle.

The Spy Store also carries a number of other accessories that are separate from the car GPS tracker Australia. We have all sorts of GPS trackers so you can have a smart security device for every aspect of your life. 

For the safety of your home, install a camera spy device for indoor monitoring. Additionally, get our cameras outdoor device to make sure the perimeter of your home is also secure. As for trips and travel, get a camera spy mini or GPS device tracker that you can easily bring around.

Choose a camera for spy or a GPS for tracking vehicles now and get our expert advice on how to maximise your monitoring equipment.

What is GPS tracking? 

GPS tracking is the fuel to all our devices as it essentially tracks the movement of a specific object. Through a functional system and software, you can track just about anything. Whether it be a fleet of cars in Australia or your precious backpack, you can monitor its location through a GPS tracking unit. 

If you want to monitor your vehicles, buy GPS tracker for car at The Spy Store, where you can choose the one that suits you best.

What can GPS tracking be used for? 

The car GPS tracker Australia is generally used for business and family security purposes. While there are different variants of GPS trackers, such as a hidden GPS tracker or a hardwired GPS tracker, these safety accessories still revolve around business and family. 


A GPS security tracker has elevated the standard for the business industry. Rising enterprises utilise this tool to monitor their fleet of vehicles and employees. This is all done for overall safety and security as corporations must be on top of the whereabouts of their assets. 

With our car tracking device, managers can determine just when and where a company car or truck was used. On the other hand, a portable GPS unit can allow the manager to monitor the productivity and safety of their employee. Any manager must utilise this tool as the app that comes with it can manage key aspects – from drive navigation all the way to data stolen alerts. 

With all these possibilities available with just a few simple clicks, there’s no wonder why the business industry model has changed for the better. 


GPS tracking is also used for smaller-scale management. With these quality electric accessories, your family can be the most secure it has ever been. A personal vehicle tracker can monitor the location of the family car while a portable GPS tracking unit can make you aware of where your child is playing. 

This makes it easier for all family members as it will eliminate those stressful phone calls and text messages. Do not ruin the fun by constantly asking where they are. Simply plug our car GPS tracker Australia in the power source or let the battery power it. Afterwards, monitor your family from a distance while they explore and have fun in the outside world. 

How to choose the right GPS tracker for your car?

We at The Spy Store understand that not everyone has the same needs. That is why we prioritise your specific situation by providing you with our car GPS tracker Australia customer service team. Through this platform, you can avoid automated suggestions and be able to have conversations with well-versed tech experts.

However, if you would rather independently choose from our wide selection of GPS trackers, we recommend that you start your decision-making process by taking note of our different setup options.

A fixed setup

Wired GPS trackers are more durable in nature. They are also a more discreet option for your vehicle as they are installed from the inside out. However, setting up the actual accessory may take some time as they are typically hardwired – a method that allows for the device to access power from the vehicle’s battery. 

A portable setup

Portable GPS car trackers are a better solution for those who have multiple cars but only want one tracker. When one vehicle is not in use, simply transfer the portable tracker to the one that is in use. 

However, this solution is less discreet and needs to be charged after some time. All the products from our car GPS tracker Australia collection boast a long-lasting battery life.

Use our tracker as an innovative solution to your modern-day problems. Order now and enjoy lifetime support and express shipping Australia-wide!