GPS Tracker

Find a GPS Tracker solution for every situation

Do I need a subscription for a GPS tracker?

There is no subscription cost required for any of our GPS trackers at The Spy Store. Instead, just provide your own prepaid or postpaid SIM card, and you can use your GPS tracker straight away. 

This makes the process quicker for you and ultimately gives you more control (as you can choose and change your data limits with your SIM network provider directly). 

At The Spy Store, our range of GPS trackers are simple to set up and come in a range of options - such as portable, hardwired, 3G, 4G. This means that there’s a GPS tracker option to suit your needs and budget.

What is a GPS Tracker?

A GPS Tracker is a device that tracks a moving person, object or animal. This device is usually attached to the person or object, and its data is usually shared on a platform that you can access. Depending on the GPS Tracker, you will be able to see the tracking data live and store that data for a set period of time.

How does a GPS tracker work?

GPS tracking uses a network of satellites which determine the location of a device. This process is known as trilateration, it’s the same technology used by your in-car navigation system, Google Maps and Apple Maps. 

Real-time GPS trackers for cars can provide instant data on speed and location. With many sophisticated car GPS trackers, you can set up real-time alerts on your mobile phone that will tell you when a driver speeds and when the vehicle enters a certain area.

Some models allow you to remotely lock the ignition and shut off fuel supply in case your vehicle is stolen! It’s incredibly useful for business owners, tradespeople, fleet managers, parents, car enthusiasts and vehicle owners of almost any kind. 

GPS tracking also has a multitude of personal safety applications, including personal GPS trackers, which are a great way to protect your loved ones (such as elderly parents) and kid GPS trackers - the perfect way to stay connected to your kids and keep them safe.

What is the best GPS tracker?

Whether you need a Car GPS trackerPersonal GPS tracker or Kid GPS tracker, we have the options to suit every need and budget at The Spy Store. 

Need help finding the best GPS tracker for your situation? Give our friendly customer support team a call. 

We’re proudly Australian owned and operated, and we’re passionate about our tech and security gear. We would be more than happy to discuss your GPS tracker needs and recommend the best product for you.