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Digital Voice Recording Watches

Voice Recorder designed to look like a fitness tracker. Worn discreetly on the wrist, this powerful, yet discreet, voice recorder can record up to 20 hours of conversation easily and conveniently. Rechargeable battery and single button operation make the WR-06 one of the top selling voice recorders in the industry and it is available only at The Spy Store.

Hidden Recording Devices For Sale

Our discreet recording devices and voice activated recording devices are suitable for covert and discreet use. We have you covered with the latest secret voice and video recording gadgets that you may need for home or your workplace. No matter what you are searching for, The Spy Store has the products and the expertise to help you.

Our range includes everything from USB digital voice recorder, pen voice recorders, car key voice recorder and much more! Shop everything you need for your personal security with lifetime support, discrete billing, and local expertise at The Spy Store.

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