Outdoor Wireless Cameras

Outdoor Wireless Cameras

These days, it pays to be more vigilant and cautious – that is why we carry different types of outdoor wireless cameras on our online store. Our goal at The Spy Store is simple: to give you the surveillance technology you need to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property. 

With premium spy camera offers from some of the most reliable brand names in the industry, we’re confident that you won’t have any trouble recording video footage. What’s more is that you don’t have to run your bank account dry as each item on our product page is reasonably priced. 

Whether you are an enterprising business owner looking for an efficient way to monitor your storage warehouse or a hardworking parent looking to ensure the security of your little ones at home – The Spy Store will surely have the mini spy camera and matching accessories perfect for your unique situation. 


Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras for Sale

Whether you’re shopping for wireless outdoor security cameras for your home or workplace, or looking to upgrade your existing outdoor wifi camera system, we have you covered! Shop the latest wireless camera in personal security and law enforcement covert online. 

Our range includes action solar security cameras, wireless security cameras, trail cameras, and outdoor cameras. Shop everything you need for your personal security with lifetime support, discrete billing, and local expertise at The Spy Store.

Read further and see how our safety cameras for home and business use can help you feel at ease.

What are the benefits of outdoor wireless cameras? 

As you might expect, there are several benefits to owning outdoor wireless cameras from The Spy Store.

Evidence for the authorities and attorneys 

When you have a tiny camera posted on the outer area of your property, you can help trained professionals speed up the retribution process. If your house or workplace gets robbed or vandalised, you can show the police and lawyers the 1080p+ resolution recordings as evidence they can utilise.

After the case has been settled, you can even make use of the same recordings for insurance purposes. Simply submit the videos with your claim so that the company can make a quick and hassle-free assessment.

Thief deterrent

An outdoor security camera can also prevent thieves and other criminals from intruding in the first place. Rather than installing dummy cameras that won’t give you any evidence, you can protect your home or office the right way with our outdoor camera offers. This will deter not only amateur thieves, but also experienced ones who can tell the difference between real and dummy cameras.

Suitable for monitoring family members

Perhaps you want to keep an eye on your rowdy kids and pets, or maybe you’re concerned about your senior parent’s whereabouts. Whatever the case may be, outdoor wireless cameras can let you know if your little ones are being too rough in the backyard or if your elderly family members have been wandering outside unsupervised. 

For more information about top security cameras and even other similar monitoring products like a GPS for tracking vehicles, simply browse through The Spy Store blog. Learn about all the ways you can protect yourself and create the best home surveillance system for your specific needs. 

What is the range of an outdoor wireless camera? 

When it comes to outdoor wireless cameras, there are two types of ranges to consider: antenna signal range and viewing distance range. 

    • Antena signal range. A fixed mini security camera will allow you to capture audio and video in a set location. However, what’s great about this product is that you can transmit its signal to your smart device no matter where you are. You can even save recordings on the storage cloud – so long as you connect the wireless IP camera outdoor hardware to the internet. 
  • Field of view range. If you’re looking for a portable device you can also use to film wildlife and nature, then our trail camera features are definitely for you. For this mini camera, we have a wide 120° angle lens, an animal-friendly infrared light, and a high-quality 4K FHD resolution.
  • Shop our premium outdoor wireless cameras now at The Spy Store and enjoy an exclusive shopping experience. Buy any of our wifi outdoor camera products today and receive a fast same-day dispatch, 14-day money-back policy, one year warranty, and much, much more. 

    How do you power an outdoor wireless camera?

    Depending on the variant you bought, you can install our outdoor wireless cameras and have them powered through an AC cord, battery pack, or even solar panel. 

  • AC cord. As the most common input, the AC cord provides unmatched consistency. It makes sure that power is being supplied to the device at all times – which means you can avoid frequent maintenance practices as you only have to set up the camera once.
  • Battery pack. Modern battery packs with a full charge can last up to a whole year when the outdoor camera is set to standby or motion-only mode. This option is suitable for those who don’t want to deal with wires or those who plan on changing camera angles frequently.
  • Solar panel. Generally used for front or backyards, a solar panel CCTV camera gets power from the sun and stores it in a battery pack. As opposed to manually charging the device, you can just sit back as the natural light gives energy to this smart monitoring device. 
  • If you have any questions about installation procedures or your security camera’s system, don’t hesitate to call our customer service at 1300 681 609. The knowledgeable team at The Spy Store will be more than happy to assist you with our outdoor wireless cameras and other surveillance products, including mini GPS trackers for cars or pets. 

    With us, no longer will you have to search for terms like ‘security cameras outdoor wireless’ on your browser. Simply pick out an outdoor security camera from our collection and get free shipping for all major orders. We even provide you with a complimentary after-sales service for your convenience.

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