Everything You Need to Know About a Hidden Camera

hidden cameras

What is your motivation for buying a hidden camera?

The answer will guide your decisions as you peruse the various options on the market.

Are you trying to record an illicit act — burglary, perhaps? Is the camera for investigative journalism? Are you openly monitoring your kids, nanny, or employees?

These are just some of the many helpful uses of a spy camera; your specific requirements will help you navigate your purchase to get exactly what you need. 

Types of Hidden Cameras

Camera technology is improving, and manufacturers have managed to make these cameras smaller than we’d have ever thought possible half a century ago.

As the cameras get smaller, the number of ways you can disguise them increases. If you dig deep into spy cams, you’d be surprised at the number of places around your home that you can hide one — and how well it can protect you.

Here are some of the spy cams you can expect to see on the market.

Car Mounted Cameras

Remember: bullying, threats, and abuse don’t just happen around your property or office space. Such incidences can also occur in your car — and you can capture it all with our LawMate Car Mounted Camera.

It’s the perfect spy tool for anyone who wants an extra layer of security in their vehicle. You can capture all the action in 1080p video and view the footage from your mobile app. It supports up to 32GB SD cards, translating to about 7 hours of video footage.

You also have the option of reducing the clarity to 720p to extend the recording time.

This camera’s best feature is the 360-degree suction mount, ensuring you always get the best angle. The audio quality is also crisp. As a result, you won’t struggle to pick up sounds and voices in the car.

This one is perfect for cabbies and Uber drivers to feel safe on the job.

Night Vision Spy Cameras

1 hidden cameras, high resolution
Awaretech ZIR32 Night Vision Spy Camera

Have you ever lost valuable property to theft at your workplace or home and wished that you had a security camera that could record videos — even in the dark?

With a camera like the Awaretech ZIR32, you can record 24/7. It has three modes :

  • Voice detection
  • Vibration detection
  • Motion detection

What’s more, it can last up to a day on a single charge and close to 6 months on standby mode.

The ZIR32 camera records 720p videos and its night vision capabilities extend up to 5 metres.

According to a report by The Sleep Judge, 45% of crimes occur at night. Some of these crimes go unreported due to lack of evidence. Fortunately, you can install cameras such as the ZIR32 to act as a deterrent and help monitor suspicious activities on your property. 

Wearable Spy Cams 

high field of view, 1 hidden cameras
HD Hidden Camera DVR Sunglasses

We’re sure you’ve heard of police officers wearing body cams — but have you wondered whether civilians can wear something similar?

Yes, it’s possible. And the best part is, wearable spy cameras are more concealed. You can easily record personal interactions with your eyeglasses.

Silently capture everything you’re seeing with LawMate Hidden Camera Sunglasses. The battery life allows recording up to 70 minutes.

Their low profile design means that you can wear them in public without anyone noticing the camera.

Another useful option is a spy pen. Think about it; if you’re going to a meeting, you’ll probably need to take a few notes.

camera lens, hidden cameras
HD 2K Video Pen Camera

What do you use to write notes? A pen and notebook, of course. Therefore, if you walk into a meeting with the 2K Video Spy Pen Camera, no one will think twice about it.

You can place the pen in your shirt pocket and record everything that’s happening around you.  The video camera also excels as a stationary spy cam or a standalone audio camera.

The camera is easy to operate as it uses a single button to activate recording or switch between modes.

With a 2K camera, you can expect crisp video footage even in low light. It also picks up quality audio thanks to the high-frequency omnidirectional microphone.

Nanny Cameras 

Nothing in the world is more precious than your children. Do you trust the safety and wellbeing of your kids with a nanny?

We all want to believe the best in people, but it’s important to be cautious considering the shocking number of worldwide cases of child abuse. In 2019, a 73-year-old nanny was convicted of murder in the US after force-feeding an 8-month-old baby who died shortly after.

1 ip camera
HD Stereo Bluetooth Speaker WiFi Hidden Camera

A nanny cam captured the entire awful experience and the footage helped secure a conviction.

With video footage, you can easily confirm any of your suspicions and quickly act on the information.

This is why you would benefit from a nanny camera in your home. Typically, nanny cams are installed strategically to give you a view of everyone in the house. 

But remember: if you intend to install a hidden camera in your home to keep an eye on your nanny — to keep it legal, you’ll need to tell all the parties involved that you’re monitoring their actions before commencing employment.

Fact: You can easily store nanny cameras in alarm clocks or a smoke detector. 

Considerations When Choosing Surveillance Cameras 

Video surveillance devices have come a long way and they are much cheaper now than they were 10 years ago. The average person can now afford to buy surveillance systems for security purposes.

Not sure how to choose the ideal hidden camera? Here are some factors worth considering.

Visible vs. Hidden Camera

This consideration circles back to the question, “What is your motivation for buying a hidden camera?”

Are you trying to record an act or deter a crime? If it’s the latter, a visible surveillance camera is the better option.

Think about it: would thieves break into your house if they could see cameras recording their actions? Probably not.

However, they might plan to tamper with the visible cams, so also having a few hidden cams isn’t a bad idea. 

Video Resolution 

Video resolution is represented in a horizontal by vertical format. For example, if your device can record a 1280x720 HD video, it means that it can fit 1280 pixels horizontally and 720 pixels vertically.

If you want better resolution, you can choose a device that records 1920x1080 HD videos or 3840x2160, 4K, videos.

Unfortunately, better quality videos come at a cost. If your surveillance devices are recording 4K videos, you’ll need sufficient storage. The typical 16 GB might not cut it, so you’ll have to get a 64 GB Micro SD card.

Is it worth getting 4K recording devices? Maybe not. Unless you have high-speed WiFi and ample storage. If not, 720p and 1080p will do just fine. 

Motion Detection Cameras

1 resolution
Weather Motion Detection Security Camera

You don’t have to record 24 hours of footage just to capture an action that transpired for 10 or so minutes. This is why we have motion detector cams that will activate when the cams pick up movement.

Motion sensor cameras typically use passive infrared sensor technology to detect motion. All living creatures emit heat, so the motion sensor detects that heat. This helps differentiate the movements of a person or animal from those of an object.

A good example of this is our Weather Station Motion Detection Camera. It is an HD camera that captures 1080p videos, featuring night vision capabilities and a 3-hour battery life. You can connect the camera to your WiFi and live stream the footage to your smartphone.

Of course, with the temptation of adding protection to your home, you need to think about the legality involved. 

Are Hidden Cameras Legal in Australia?

Buying a recording spying device is one thing — but using it is another.

You see, installing hidden cameras in your office or home will always raise privacy concerns. Quick question, “Would you feel comfortable if your private activities were recorded via mobile phones or hidden cameras without your knowledge?”

Of course, it feels unsettling to learn that someone has been watching your every move. The person recording you is invading your privacy.

Does the law cover consent and privacy in such instances? Yes, each state has its own legislation on surveillance devices. For example, in New South Wales, the Surveillance Devices Act 2007 requires you to notify the people you’re recording that there is a filming device.

It’s legal to install surveillance devices on your property, provided the hidden cameras aren’t located in private areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, especially if you’re trying to record suspected abuse or threats. Make sure you research all of the relevant laws surrounding hidden cameras in your area before installation. 

Where to Get Spy Cameras 

Here at The Spy Store, we understand that it’s tough navigating the legalities of owning a hidden cam and choosing the best hidden camera for your needs. This is why we have a dedicated support team to answer any questions you might have on these devices.

We also have a wide selection of hidden cameras and other security equipment that might interest you. Check out our store to find the perfect device that could come in handy at home or the workplace. 

Featured Image: Pixabay by Geralt