Learn about Listening Devices


      What are Listening Devices? What do they do?

      Listening devices are tools commonly used for surveillance that allow someone to playback recorded conversations or sounds that may otherwise be difficult to hear or capture in the moment. They are used in a variety of different settings, from everyday life to law enforcement scenarios.

      For everyday people, listening devices are used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to hear conversations in another room, monitor family, record meetings or confirm intrusions. 

      5 Relevant Situations for using a Listening Devices:

      1. Monitoring employees or contractors in a business environment. 
      2. Parental or caretaker monitoring of children. 
      3. Gathering evidence of cheating in a marriage or other relationship. 
      4. Collecting intelligence for security purposes. 
      5. Detecting unauthorized conversations in sensitive areas.

      There are laws and regulations around recording conversations, and to learn more refer to any relevant Listening Devices Act and any Surveillance Devices Act in your state.

      How to Use Them

      To use a Listening Device from The Spy Store, simply activate the recording mode, safely position the device, and then return to collect it later to review the audio on your compatible PC or Laptop. There are two kinds of recording modes: continuous recording and voice activated recording.

      Continuous recording is how it sounds; ongoing recording without interruption, for as long as the device is powered on. This means you can record hours of audio, and then sift back through the recording to find any relevant conversations. Using a free program like Audacity, you can import these files and see any spikes in audio to easily find any snippets of audio that were recorded. 

      Voice activated recording (VA) only records audio when it detects sound, such as a voice or other loud noises that trigger the device's sensitivity detector. This mode of recording is particularly useful for conserving battery life, storage space and saves time on sifting through larger recording cycles expected when using continuous recording.

      Now that you know all about our listening devices, you can browse our range below with confidence and find something suitable for you!

      Awaretech MQ-L500 Magnetic Power Bank Voice Recorder With Long Battery Life
      Regular price $329.00 Sale price$259.00
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      • Charge your device, record conversations or do both at the same time!
      • 14 Days of Continuous Recording
      • 16GB of internal memory holding up to 576 hours of audio
      • Continuous and Voice Activated recording modes
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      USB Flash Drive Digital Voice Recorder X-09
      • Looks like a USB, works like a microphone!
      • 15 Hours of Continuous Recording
      • 8GB of internal memory holding up to 15 hours of audio
      • Simple ON/OFF switch Continuous Recording
      Micro Stick Voice-Activated Audio Recorder
      Regular price $349.00 Sale price$299.00
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      • Our most powerful listening device
      • Expand 12hrs of recording to 80hrs with the included battery pack
      • 8GB of internal memory holding up to 1152 hours of audio
      • Capture crystal clear audio within 15 metres
      • Continuous and Voice Activated listening modes
      Sold Out