Learn about Spy Cameras


      What are Spy Cameras? What do they do?

      Spy cameras are hidden cameras that are used for covert surveillance, designed to record video and audio without the knowledge of the person being viewed or recorded at various viewing angles and distances. These cameras are usually disguised as or in everyday objects such as clocks, books, pens, power banks and more. 

      You might use spy cameras for home surveillance, monitoring employees, or even in law enforcement.

      5 Relevant Situations for using a Spy Camera

      1. Monitoring a home or business to detect theft or vandalism.
      2. Investigating suspicious activity or behavior in public or private places.
      3. Keeping an eye on elderly or disabled family members in their homes.
      4. Recording evidence of wrongdoing or harassment in the workplace.
      5. Conducting surveillance on suspected criminals or terrorists.

      How to Use Them

      There are two general types of Spy Cameras: Online or Offline. Online spy cameras enable you to directly connect to the device for close-range viewing, and you can then connect the device to your wi-fi to enable remote viewing from anywhere. Offline spy cameras don’t use any apps or signals, instead using an inserted SD card to capture footage for later review via PC or Laptop.

      Direct Connection is how you get started with a compatible spy camera, by turning on the device it begins transmitting a wireless signal for you to connect to and view.

      Remote Viewing can be enabled when you directly connect to a spy camera and access the settings of the device. When paired to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network, the device no longer relies on direct connection and is accessible from anywhere. 

      Motion Detection is an important feature if you want a spy camera that can notify you instantly when motion is detected by the device, or enable motion detection recording.

      Offline Spy Cameras are ideal if you don’t have an internet connection, with on-device customisation or settings that can be configured via PC or Laptop prior to use

      Now that you know more about Spy Cameras, take a look at our range and you’ll be sure to find something that works for you.

      Hidden Camera AC Adapter with Night Vision and Adjustable Lens Angle
      • Fully Functional 10W USB-C Charging Port
      • Record Live in-app to the cloud or inserted SD Card (up to 128GB)
      • 30° Physical Camera Tilt and 110° Viewing Angle
      • Infrared Night Vision Up to 8m in low light conditions
      • Discreet Profile - No Light, Sounds or Other Giveaways
      DIY Pinhole Module Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision and Ultra Long Battery Life (Dual Battery Model))
      • Premium DIY Design
      • 5M Night Vision
      • Motion Detection Alerts
      • Record in SD Card (Expandable up to 64GB)
      • 110° Wide-Angle Lens
      UPGRADE Smart Clock Alarm HD Hidden Camera with Radio Speaker
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      • Top Selling Multi-Functional Clock
      • Record Live In-App or to SD Card (Expandable up to 128GB)
      • Motion Detection Recording to SD Card
      • Two-Way Audio
      • Optional AC Powering for 24/7 Access
      Mini Blackbox Covert Video & Audio WiFi Hidden Camera
      • Flat and compact design with in-built magnet for mounting
      • 110° Wide-Angle Lens
      • View Live In-App or to SD Card (Expandable up to 64GB)
      • Includes adjustable magnetic stand for improved positioning
      Power Bank with Hidden HD Camera and Mic - Portable Fast Charging
      • 10,000mAh powerbank with covert surveillance camera inside
      • Record live in-app to the cloud or inserted SD Card (up to 64GB)
      • 20h Continuous Recording or 15h on Night Vision
      • Motion-Activated Recording On-The-Go
      • 3-5M Infrared Night Vision for recording in dark conditions
      USB Mini Camera Audio Recorder 10hrs Battery Use
      • Portable & Wearable
      • 720p HD Video
      • Motion Detection Recording
      • Automatically Saves Recordings
      Z3 Mini Body Camera - 1080P HD Hidden Spy Camera
      • Premium Compact Design
      • 130° Angle Camera hinge for adjustable positioning
      • 2 Hours Continuous Recording
      • Excellent for Offline Use: Manual switches and recording to SD Card (Up to 32GB)
      • 90° Wide-Angle Lens
      HD Portable Video Pen Camera
      • Works as both a functional pen and surviellance device
      • Designed for portability and ease of use with one-button activation
      • 1080P Continuous Recording
      USB-C SD Card Reader | 3 in 1 OTG High-speed Hub
      • USB 3.0 and USB-C Connections
      • Compatible with SD and Micro SD Cards
      • Both PC and Mac Compatible
      2K Spy Camera Wireless Charging Power Bank with Motion Detection (Support Offline Recording)
      • 2K HD Video & Audio Recording
      • Automatic Motion-Activated Recording
      • Night Vision for 24/7 Monitoring
      • Supports up to 256GB SD Cards