Personal Protection

      7-IN-1 Ultimate Multi-functional Personal Alarm (Grey)
      • 7 Great Security Features Included
      • Compact & Lightweight, Portable Design
      • Multiple Alarm Sensor Types
      • SOS Mode & Flashlight for 24/7 Safety
      Kids Water Resistant GPS Smart Watch - Black
      • See your child’s location in real-time
      • Allow approved contacts to call and text
      • Set up alerts to be notified if your child exits safe zones
      Portable Door Stopper Alarm
      • Powerful 120dB Alarm
      • 3 Sensitivity Levels
      • Portable and Compact Design
      • 9V Battery Powered for Convenience (Not Included)
      Kids Water Resistant GPS Smart Watch - Blue
      • See your child’s location in real-time
      • Allow approved contacts to call and text
      • Set up alerts to be notified if your child exits safe zones
      Kids Water Resistant GPS Smart Watch - Pink
      • See your child’s location in real-time
      • Allow approved contacts to call and text
      • Set up alerts to be notified if your child exits safe zones
      Portable Personal Alarm (Blue)
      • Powerful 130dB Alarm
      • USB Rechargeable
      • LED Light useful for dark conditions
      • Two Methods of Activation
      Portable Personal Alarm (White)
      • Powerful 130dB Alarm
      • USB Rechargeable
      • LED Light useful for dark conditions
      • Two Methods of Activation
      4G Compact Portable Personal Tracker with Geo-fence & SOS Alarm
      • Strong 4G Connectivity & Precise Accuracy
      • Lifetime Tracksolid Pro Subscription
      • Emergency Alert Response Button
      • BYO 4G SIM, No Lock-In Contract or Subscription
      4G Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker with SOS
      • SOS and Fall-Down Alarm
      • Waterproof IP67 Design
      • Health Monitoring Features
      • Real-time Tracking
      • Simple LCD Display Screen
      Sold Out
      MFI Certified Smart Bluetooth Tracker Works with Apple Find My (White, iOS only)
      • Apple iOS Compatible
      • Certified "Find My" Bluetooth Tracker
      • IP67 Waterproof
      • 1 Year Battery Life (Replaceable)
      4K Handheld Night Vision Monocular with 5X Zoom and Rechargeable Battery
      • 850NM Night Vision Technology
      • Versatile and Portable
      • Max 4K Video, 36MP Photo Resolution
      • Supports up to 128GB SD Cards

      Personal Alarm

      The Spy Store boasts a broad assortment of consumer-grade and law enforcement-grade surveillance equipment and accessories for the protection of your family. Take a look at our entire collection of personal alarm devices to find a suitable one for an elderly parent, disabled loved one, or young child so that they can enjoy the freedom they deserve without putting themselves at risk.

      What features should I look for in the best personal alarm devices?

      The most common personal safety alarms come in the form of wearable pendants that a child or older person can use to get help in case of an emergency. They usually have a main button that the user can press to sound an alarm or alert a preset emergency contact at any time of the day. 

      The personal security alarms on the market come with different features to address the unique requirements of every customer, but you must consider these factors when searching for a suitable model: 


      The ideal personal alarm should let you set up custom geofences and notify you instantly when the user leaves and enters the safe zone so that you can locate and assist them right away. A personal safety alarm with this feature is especially important for elderly users who may wander off and become lost. 

      Two-way communication

      A personal alarm with two-way communication technology enables you to talk to the user immediately in case of an emergency. This is crucial for users who may need help communicating their situation.

      Live tracking

      The most modern personal protection alarms on the market enable you to accurately track the current location of the user through your computer or mobile device. Elderly alarm devices with this feature are invaluable especially if you have loved ones who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and are prone to wandering off.

      The Spy Store is home to personal emergency alarms with all the essential features plus long-lasting batteries so that the user can get assistance at the press of a button whenever necessary. These devices also support fast charging to ensure it has enough power when you need it most. 

      Are safety alarms effective?

      A personal alarm lets elderly relatives continue living independently while also enabling them to reach their family for help in case of an emergency. If they fall or have a medical issue, they can simply push a button on their safety alarm to contact their loved ones. It is ideal for those who are unable to visit their parents as often as they want to because of other commitments, making sure they stay safe while you go about your business. 

      It is worth noting that personal alarms are intuitively built to ensure ease of use, providing clear instruction manuals and comprehensive after-sales support for your convenience. You usually just have to insert a SIM card, fill out the identification card, and assign emergency contacts through the software on your mobile device or computer. These numbers are the only ones that the device can contact, so make sure you set them to those who are easy to reach. 

      When the user presses the main button, the device automatically sounds an alarm, dials emergency contacts, and sends text messages to the preset numbers detailing its exact location. It is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to protect your loved ones from harm without hampering your daily activities.

      What are the pros of using personal alarm systems?

      There are numerous benefits to using a personal alarm, most notably its portability, which lets users wear or carry the device to bring it wherever. The loud siren is effective at alerting bystanders in case of an incident in public such as an attack, making it ideal for children, seniors, joggers, cyclists, and night shift workers. Moreover, the device can work anywhere with cellular data coverage to give you complete peace of mind.

      It is not uncommon for the user to press the main button on accident, triggering the alarm and contacting the preset numbers, but our models incorporate modern designs to address this issue. You should also constantly remind the user to recharge the device whenever the battery is low to ensure it continues to work properly. If you intend to use the device on someone who wears a pacemaker, make sure you consult with an expert to prevent interference. 

      The Spy Store has a knowledgeable support team that you can contact if you need assistance choosing suitable security equipment. You can count on us to deliver sound technical advice, so pick up the phone anytime and speak to a real person who understands the matter. We also recommend checking out our comprehensive blog to find a list of resources and videos to assist you in making an informed buying choice. The topics are neatly broken down by product category to find what you are looking for easily. 

      The Spy Store is the premier online destination for some of the latest surveillance equipment in Australia. We deliver discreetly just about anywhere in the country, be it in the suburbs or capital cities. You can also take advantage of our same-day shipping service to receive your order as soon as possible or pick up your package at our physical location. Our friendly staff would be happy to assist you, whichever way you prefer to complete your purchase.

      We have the devices you need to complete your security system, whether you are looking for a hidden camera, tiny camera, nanny camera, outdoor camera, surveillance camera, car tracker, voice recorder, or smart watch for kids. Our wide assortment of products ensures there is something for every budget. We also support multiple payment and shipping options so that you can choose the one most convenient for you. So take a look at our entire online catalogue and place an order now!