Voice Recorders

      Awaretech MQ-L500 Magnetic Power Bank Voice Recorder With Long Battery Life
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      • Charge your device, record conversations or do both at the same time!
      • 14 Days of Continuous Recording
      • 16GB of internal memory holding up to 576 hours of audio
      • Continuous and Voice Activated recording modes
      Micro Stick Voice-Activated Audio Recorder
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      • Our most powerful listening device
      • Expand 12hrs of recording to 80hrs with the included battery pack
      • 8GB of internal memory holding up to 1152 hours of audio
      • Capture crystal clear audio within 15 metres
      • Continuous and Voice Activated listening modes
      Smart Voice Recorder Wrist Watch
      • Stylish design and simple interface
      • Record continuously for over 24hrs
      • Adjustable voice-activated recording mode
      • Integrated USB for PC connection and fast charging
      • High quality audio options with PCM and XHQ formats
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      USB Flash Drive Digital Voice Recorder X-09
      • Looks like a USB, works like a microphone!
      • 15 Hours of Continuous Recording
      • 8GB of internal memory holding up to 15 hours of audio
      • Simple ON/OFF switch Continuous Recording
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      Voice Recorder 

      It’s easy to forget what someone just said, but with a voice recorder, you can replay their exact words over and over again. Many people buy voice recorders for purposes such as note-taking – in personal, academic, and professional settings – recording an interview, making music, and gathering hard evidence to be used in court. If you’re looking for voicer recorders in Australia, then you should know that there are all kinds of them from a small voice recorder to a big one, a manual to a digital voice recorder, and voice recording devices disguised as everyday objects like pens and watches. The Spy Store has voice recorders for sale to match your unique needs. We have regular voice recorders as well as innovative ones designed as power banks, USB flash drives, pens, wearables, car key fobs, keychains, and necklaces. Whether you need to record audio overtly or discreetly, you’ll find what you need at The Spy Store. 

      Before you hop online to find the best voice recorder for yourself, you should know about the legalities of using recording devices discreetly as well as whether or not you can use audio recordings as evidence in Australian courts and how you can use them legally. 

      Is it illegal to record other people’s voices without them knowing?

      Recording private conversations without the knowledge of the parties involved is an offence. It can be considered an invasion of privacy if you discreetly record a conversation you have with a friend, a colleague, or even a family member that they did not consent to. However, there may be exceptions to the legalities of recording someone secretly, such as if you believe that it is necessary to record in secret to collect evidence against someone abusive or to ultimately protect your lawful interests. Audio recordings won’t be admitted directly in court, however, as they still need to be assessed whether they were legally obtained. 

      The takeaway is that if you are recording only for academic, professional, or entertainment purposes, then you should let the involved parties know, whether the setting is in-person or via phone call. At The Spy Store, you can get a lecture recorder for studying, a flash drive audio recorder for work, or a heavy-duty 500-hour voice recorder for other needs. We also offer a small voice recorder and wearable versions of it for discreet recording, but make sure to keep in mind the legal conditions mentioned above at which you make records secretly. 

      Are voice recordings admissible in court in Australia?

      In general, the Australian rules of evidence do not allow secret audio recordings to be used as evidence in court if they are illegally or improperly obtained – this typically means that the files were recorded without the consent of the involved parties. However, there are situations in which secretly recorded files can be admitted into evidence, such as when the recordings are made to achieve the following: 

      Protect the recording person’s lawful interests 

      Recordings obtained in secret can be admitted to court if they were absolutely necessary for the protection of the person recording them such as victims of abuse and domestic violence. 

      Refute ‘he said/she said’ claims

      Private conversations recorded without the consent of the involved people can still be admissible to the Australian court if they are necessary to refute allegations such as being labelled as a liar. 

      Report matters to the police 

      Files obtained using a hidden voice recorder can also be exempted from the rules of evidence if they serve as a practical means of recording conversations to be reported to the authorities or for cases when the determination of the dispute depends mainly on oral evidence. 

      If you believe you have a legitimate purpose to record a conversation discreetly, then The Spy Store voice recorder gadgets can help you successfully obtain the files securely. Our products come with lifetime support so you can call our experts anytime you need assistance in setting up your device or accessing your recorded files. A detailed manual also comes with every voice recorder device to serve as your reference. 

      What are other uses for a discreet voice recorder?

      While a hidden vocal recorder is most ideal for collecting audio files to be used as evidence, given that they are obtained legally, it can also be used for several other purposes. You can keep a hidden audio recorder to capture your child’s first words, for example. Holding up a big recording device in front of them might be intimidating, but wearing one as a watch on your wrist or as a keychain hanging from your bag lets you record more candid moments. The Spy Store’s voice-activated recorders, for example, only record when detecting audio to maximise your storage capacity. 

      You can also use a hidden recorder for speech improvement. You can capture your spontaneous conversations throughout the day without feeling embarrassed when you have a mini voice recorder secretly recording your voice for you. You can review them later and take notes of areas you can improve on. The Spy Store has voice recording devices in the form of pendants that you can conveniently wear around your neck so it can capture clear audio since it is placed near your mouth. 

      Aside from a vocal recorder, you can also get tracking devices – like a magnetic GPS tracker or car tracking device – from The Spy Store as well as cameras such as a mini camera or spy camera, hidden camera, surveillance camera, nanny camera, or outdoor camera

      Visit The Spy Store today and choose from an extensive range of unique spy gadgets you won’t find elsewhere! Enjoy at least a one-year warranty and a 14-day risk-free trial to ensure your satisfaction!