Magnetic GPS Trackers

      4G Magnetic GPS Tracker
      • Lifetime License Included
      • 15-20 Days Average Battery Life
      • Ideal for Individual Use
      • A portable tracking solution with built-in magnet
      4G Portable Car GPS Tracker
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      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • A portable 4G tracker with a powerful magnet and adhesives included
      • 15-20 Day Average Battery Life
      • Add and track multiple GPS Trackers on 1 convenient account
      4G Portable GPS Asset & Vehicle Tracker
      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • Supports multiple 4G Australian service providers (Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone and more)
      • Not just for vehicles, attach anywhere with the included magnet clip!
      • 10 Day Average Battery Life
      • Monitor any asset by attaching this portable, weatherproof tracker
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      Magnetic GPS Tracker

      With the many car theft cases in Australia, keywords such as ‘spy tracking devices for vehicles Australia’ and ‘where can I buy a tracking device for a car’ have been topping internet searches, and a magnetic GPS tracker is among the top recommended tracking devices. A car tracker device typically needs to be installed by a professional, which can incur additional fees, whereas a magnetic GPS tracker for car can be easily mounted within minutes without the need for an expert. This is why a magnetic GPS car tracker in Australia is a popular choice. When choosing the best magnetic GPS tracker, also consider if it is a discreet GPS tracker or a concealable GPS tracking device so crooks can’t easily locate it and tamper with it. Because it is already a hidden GPS tracker, you don’t have to stress about where and how to hide GPS tracker in car. The Spy Store has an extensive vehicle GPS tracker collection where you can buy car tracker with rich features such as being waterproof, portable, discreet, and easy to mount and having a long battery life, SIM card slots, and other functions useful for keeping track of your car 24/7. 

      Buying a secret GPS tracker for car is definitely a good idea if you want to ensure your car’s safety, but before you go out to buy GPS tracker for car, first, you should know if it is legal to use a hidden GPS tracker for car in Australia and how to tell if a tracker is hidden in your vehicle. 

      Is it illegal to put a GPS tracker on a family member’s car?

      While car trackers devices offer an affordable, convenient, and practical way to track your family members and assets, the possibility of invading the privacy of others shouldn’t be taken lightly. To avoid legal disputes, you should only install your new magnetic GPS tracker in the following: 

      In vehicles you own

      The only cars you have the right to track are those that you own directly. For cars under joint ownership, such as between a husband and wife, both owners have the right to install trackers over their asset, but the consent of the other owner is needed. You may also have to inform any family member, friend, or guest who rides in your car that a tracking device is active to avoid invading their privacy. 

      If your family members consent to be tracked

      Can you install a magnetic GPS tracker in a vehicle that is owned by your family member? Only if they consent to it. This means that you can’t hide mini GPs trackers or any secret spy device in their car without their knowledge. Even if you intend to use the locator to ensure their safety, you must ask for their permission before placing a GPS tracker hidden in their car. 

      If your family member is below 18 

      If a family member below 18 years old drives your car or their own car, it is okay for you to track them for the reason of keeping them safe. But getting their consent to being tracked, once again, is another crucial requirement needed before placing a magnetic GPS tracker in the car that they drive. 

      The Spy Store lets you monitor your family’s whereabouts conveniently with a reliable magnetic tracker for cars that connects to your phone via an app. You will have lifetime access to this app where you can control all tracker features and functions and receive text alerts if anything happens. Our team is ready to address any concerns you may have with your tracking device for cars hidden from view – from the legalities of using one to setting up the device correctly. Our products also come with ongoing expert support where our friendly technicians will explain to you in detail how to set up your tracker without making you feel overwhelmed with the technicalities. 

      How to tell if someone placed a magnetic GPS tracker on my vehicle?

      Unfortunately, some crooks nowadays use tracking devices for malicious intentions, so you should stay alert in making sure that you are not being spied on whether you are at home, at the grocery store, in a hotel, or in your car. Because many trackers now allow for hiding GPS on a car, telling if one is placed in your car without your knowledge can be difficult. You may not always have enough time to manually check every corner of your car for a secret tracking device either, so the best way to tell if you are secretly being tracked is with a bug detector. 

      A bug detector is an anti-spy device that scans your area for hidden devices that may be monitoring you such as cameras, GPS trackers, and GSM listening devices. The Spy Store bug detectors have high-end sensing circuits that detect all kinds of spy gadgets within seconds to guarantee your privacy fast. OUr bug detector has a user-friendly interface where you can easily configure the settings and pinpoint the exact location of the hidden trackers as it has different signal level indicators that will help you tell when you’re getting closer to the device. The best part is that it is portable and rechargeable, so taking it with you anywhere you go shouldn’t be a hassle. 

      The Spy Store offers much more than just a magnetic GPS tracker collection; we also have other innovative spy gadgets like home security cameras, outdoor wireless security cameras, personal alarms, listening devices, and bug detectors. Our products come with warranties and a 14-day risk-free trial to ensure that you are truly satisfied with your new spy gear. 

      Check out our state-of-the-art smart spy gadgets and ensure the safety of your family and assets as well as your privacy today. We offer free shipping with a minimum purchase and same-day dispatch so you can get your orders fast!