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Car Trackers Devices

The Spy Store provides a wide variety of car trackers devices for all your surveillance needs. These surveillance technologies allow you – whether you are a manager of a large business or the breadwinner of your family – to incorporate an advanced solution to your specific vehicle needs. You can take comfort in our car tracker devices since they come equipped with the latest name brand security system components that will surely allow you to manage your vehicle in the way you want. 

Level up your vehicle security through innovative interior means. Choose a car tracking device that ticks all the boxes in your personal checklist. Browse through our wide selection of surveillance accessories and install your prefered GPS for tracking vehicles

You do not have to worry about sacrificing quality for a low price. The Spy Store only carries car trackers devices that are both premium and affordable. That way, you can focus more on the features of the gadget, rather than looking for more bang for your buck. 

You can keep other areas of your life safe and secure. Do not limit yourself by investing in only one facet of your multilayered situation. Buy a car tracker, but also buy GPS trackers for your family. By giving them their own GPS device tracker, you can go beyond vehicles and protect the people who are dear to you.

The Spy Store also offers products for your home. Integrate spy tracking devices, like a spy camera, inside your house to make sure that indoor activity is safe and well monitored. On top of that, fortify the outside security of your house with our outdoor camera solution. 

Whether you are a private investigator who needs a camera for spy or a service driver in Australia looking for a car GPS, The Spy Store is the place to be!

How does a car tracker device work? 

Our car tracker devices operate through GPS – that’s Global Positioning System. It finds out the location of an object (in this case, your car) and allows you to track it in real time. 

The car tracking starts with a satellite that watches from a distance. It observes the car trackers devices and locates where they are on the map. This information, gathered by the GPS tracking unit, is then transmitted via a wireless network. It then makes its way through a server and then into the intuitive software that sends you alerts. 

What are the most important features to look for in a car tracker device? 

The two most important features to consider when looking for a vehicle tracker are connection type and tracking software. 

Connection type 

Not all GPS device tracking is made equal; there are some that run on 3G while others run on 4G. 

Even for a fleet of cars, the 3G option offers more than enough functionality. However, the higher-cost 4G connection features a faster and more reliable data transmission from your car trackers devices to the software. 

Additionally, some trackers use LBS (local cell towers) and WiFi to ensure coverage and reduce costs. However, these systems are usually based on subscription services that need to be paid monthly. At The Spy Store, we only offer quality, ready-to-use accessories that have no hidden payments. Simply order our trackers, install them, and enjoy our customer service if needed. 

Tracking software

Tracking software bridges the gap between the connection and the device. It is an essential part of car tracking, and without it, the benefits would not be realised. At The Spy Store, our GPS trackers come with software that allows you to intuitively monitor your vehicle. That way, you will promptly be aware if your car gets stolen or if the navigation route is not optimal for your needs. 

Is it legal to install a tracker to a car?

Installing electric car trackers devices on a vehicle is legal, as long as it is an asset you truly own. However, it helps to look up and research local laws that may apply to your specific area. 

Generally, whether the tracker is hardwired to the battery of your car or you use a portable hidden GPS tracker, it is legal to install it if:

  1. You legitimately own the vehicle 
  2. You are the owner of an enterprise that utilises these vehicles
  3. The vehicle is one of your assets that can be borrowed without notice or permission
  4. The protection of your children (who are under the legal age) is the reason for the tracking
  5. If the vehicle is an asset that could be subject to legal repossession 

It is generally illegal to use tracking equipment on a vehicle if you do not legitimately own the asset. It is also illegal to track a vehicle with equipment if you are monitoring a person who is not part of your business or someone who is not your child (under the legal age). 

Now that you know how valuable and versatile car trackers devices are, shop online now at The Spy Store. Choose from a variety of vehicle trackers or other surveillance equipment and enjoy local Australian support and express shipping!