Our Story

“In 2013, I created The Spy Store after numerous personal experiences left me feeling frustrated and unsafe. 

After heading home one night from the train station, I was chased by an intimidating individual. Soon after this, my business and home were broken into. Stock, cash, a motorcycle, and personal items that could never be replaced were stolen

Overwhelmed by this upsetting series of events, I needed to find security solutions to regain my sense of safety, peace of mind, and protect what I valued most.

That’s when I created The Spy Store.

In 2021, my business was broken into again, but I had my Spy Store surveillance products ready. Thanks to the security footage, the thieves were caught by the Police the next day and my stolen goods were returned. That’s how I know our products work, because they’ve helped me. 

At The Spy Store, we don’t condone the illegal use of these devices. I believe we should feel safe and our valuables protected wherever we are. That’s why I’m driven to bring you products that help protect what matters most to you.”

- Jing, Founder of The Spy Store

The Spy Store Mission: Addressing real concerns experienced by real people.

The Spy Store is committed to giving you peace of mind through great products and exceptional Australian customer support because your concerns matter to us. If you find yourself in genuine distress or have an emergency situation arise, please contact your local authorities immediately.