4G Outdoor Camera

      4G 1080p IP Security Camera With 20x Optical Zoom
      • Secure and monitor your property with the highest clarity
      • Tilt, Pan and Zoom with 355ø horizontal and 120ø vertical control
      • x20 Optical Zoom, see everything without losing any quality
      • 100M of Night Vision
      • Setup with a LAN Connection and enable 4G to never miss a second
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      4G 1080p IP Security Camera With 10x Optical Zoom
      • Secure and monitor your property with enhanced zoom clarity
      • Tilt, Pan and Zoom with 355ø horizontal and 120ø vertical control
      • x10 Optical Zoom, enhance distant visuals without losing quality
      • 60M of Night Vision
      • Setup with a LAN Connection and enable 4G to never miss a second
      4G 1080p IP Security Camera With 5x Optical Zoom
      • Secure and monitor your property
      • Tilt, Pan and Zoom with 355ø horizontal and 120ø vertical control
      • x5 Optical Zoom, enhance the image without loosing quality
      • 50M of Night Vision
      • Setup with a LAN Connection and enable 4G to never miss a second
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      Outdoor Camera

      Investing in an outdoor camera is important in this day and age, as they provide a high level of security. Keeping an eye on your house while you’re away is a hard job, but it can be done by installing an outdoor camera. You can protect not only your property but also your friends and family. These cameras can also deter potential burglars. Give yourself some peace of mind with a camera outdoor available at The Spy Store, Australia’s #1 store for all your hidden cameras, GPS, and personal security needs.

      Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing video surveillance system with higher-end devices or searching for a more affordable but high-quality camera outdoor, we at The Spy Store have a variety of outdoor surveillance cameras that fit your needs. Ranging from simple and efficient fix-view cameras to more top-notch high-resolution single surveillance cameras, you will certainly find everything you need.

      How to choose the right outdoor camera?

      With the many types and brands available for outdoor cameras, it might be difficult to select the right outdoor security camera for your home and living situation. Generally, it’s good practice to take note of features you want in your outdoor camera. Choosing a model that’s geared specifically for keeping tabs on what’s going on outside your home is easy as long as you consider the following qualities:

        • Resolution. There’s no use in having an outdoor security surveillance system if you cannot see or recognise what the camera is looking at. While a camera capturing a video at 720p offers a fairly sharp picture, a 1080p video camera will provide more detail and is the most popular resolution for these devices. Choosing a camera with a relatively wide field of view or viewing angle is also key to capturing useful videos.
    • Visibility. Catch the action no matter the time with a camera outdoors equipped with night-vision and motion and audio detection. Cameras with these features can add another layer of security by identifying potential dangerous situations. In addition to wirelessly alerting your mobile device or email, outdoor cameras can also record and store the event for you to view from anywhere to monitor the situation smartly.
      • Weather resistance. A camera outdoor is usually designed to be weatherproof, withstanding rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. They usually come with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating, which gives a value that will let you know how the device will hold up under most weather conditions. A good tip is to take note of the IP value of the camera purchasing and the climate of the area you live in to choose the perfect camera for any season.
      • Device compatibility. For a camera outdoors to provide you with the best overall security experience, it’s good to choose one that can work with some of your smart devices. Most devices come with software (usually in a mobile app) attached to them, allowing you to connect the camera to your mobile phone or other smart accessories. CCTV cameras can also be equipped with solar panels so they can function continuously without electricity.

      Be sure to check our surveillance products at The Spy Store for security cameras with these qualities and more; you’re only moments away from installing your first camera outdoors that maximises your safety. We also have other options that help you secure your home and investments, such as cameras for spy purposes, car GPS trackers, GPS device trackers, GPS trackers, and more.

      What are the benefits of an outdoor camera?

      Nowadays, having a remote camera for security is more accessible and affordable, so not installing a camera outdoors poses a risk to the safety of your home or office.

      You may have experienced having a delivery package stolen or having a car broken into while parked in your driveway. The mere presence of a wireless outdoor security camera can easily deter criminals. In most cases, thieves case a home before robbing it, and if they see an outdoor security camera, they will most likely abandon their plans. 

      In the event of a burglary, your security cameras will allow the police to capture the burglars, and your items will most likely be returned. They can also function in cases where you might need to receive insurance against destruction or vandalisation. Security cameras can be useful if you have properties with supplies you cannot visit often. You certainly don’t want to allow criminals to take advantage of them while you are away. 

      An outdoor camera can also allow you to check in with your kids or pets while you’re at work, especially when they play outdoors, or see if they have left the indoors of your home. You can easily track when your kids have left for school and if they have returned. Your elderly family members can also benefit from the security cameras as you can see if they get into accidents when outside. Maintain the safety and security of your investments by purchasing an outdoor camera.

      How to install an outdoor camera?

      How you install a camera outdoors is dependent on which type of camera you choose and its power source. Here at The Spy Store, we have wireless versions that use 3G and 4G connections and versions that utilise solar energy, making the installation process much easier.

      Before you install a security outdoor camera wirelessly, you have to make sure they work. To ensure your camera keeps track of its recordings, you may need to insert a microSD card or other form of data storage. Once you ascertain that your camera turns on and functions properly, you need to install any of the partner applications on your mobile device or computer to check the video quality and set up any additional features you may require. Various settings can be adjusted within the application or software attached to the camera, such as the level of sound detection and zoom.

      After that, you just need to find a good place for the camera, ideally with good visibility and a place where you can see entries and exits. Once you have chosen where to place the camera, attach the mounting bracket to the wall or roof of your home using some tools and set up the power supply unit as well. 

      Finally, attach the camera to the mounting bracket, and you should be able to use your outdoor camera.

      If you are looking to shop for any surveillance cameras or even other security devices such as GPS to track a vehicle, GPS devices for trackers, car tracker devices, or a car tracking device, be sure to visit The Spy Store. With our many promotions and secure payment options, we make it easy for you to buy all your security needs. Feel free to contact our customer service team through chat or email if you have questions about our products. Shop now!