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GPS Device Tracker

A GPS device tracker allows you to locate your vehicle in real time using GPS satellite, which is the same technology used by car navigation systems. However, some GPS tracker can also keep a record of your driving habits. Others even have smart features that allow users to remotely cut off the fuel supply of a vehicle.

Whether you need a car tracking device for personal use or a GPS to track a vehicle to manage your fleet of delivery trucks, The Spy Store provides an extensive list of high-quality vehicle tracker units to help keep your home, vehicle, and business safe. 

The Spy Store is not your average online store that sells generic car GPS tracker system. Our products are carefully selected to make sure that they provide accurate GPS information, and they come with durable designs and smart features to meet the specific needs of each user. 

What is a GPS device tracker used for?

Most private individuals who install a GPS device tracker on their car do it for safety reasons. For instance, if you get into an accident or your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, a car GPS tracker Australia can help you identify your location and relay this to emergency personnel. 

Many parents also feel more secure if they install a GPS on a car of their teen drivers. In case they get into an accident or they use the family car without permission, their parents can pull up their location. Some trackers even have smart features that allow users to view a record of anyone driving their vehicles and their driving behaviour (such as overspeeding and other unsafe practices). 

If you need a smart GPS device tracker for personal or business use, visit The Spy Store and choose from our extensive list of security and surveillance products. 

A GPS device tracker is also used to find and retrieve stolen vehicles. If you’re mainly concerned about motor vehicle theft, choose a ‘secret GPS tracker’, which you can find at The Spy Store. It comes in a small design so you can hide it in discreet places like under the steering wheel (above the pedals), in the front or rear bumper, and under the car. 

For businesses, the use of a GPS tracker for car Australia is important especially if they own a large fleet of cars or trucks. With this device, dispatchers can easily coordinate with the drivers, making their operation efficient and safe. Additionally, keeping tabs on employees during working hours makes reimbursement and bookkeeping more accurate and encourages them to stick to their route and schedule.

What are the benefits of a GPS device tracker?

If you’re a business owner, a GPS tracker for car is one way to increase productivity because drivers tend to stick to their route. The use of this gadget also promotes safety and deters unsafe driving behaviours such as overspeeding, provided that it comes with smart features that detect unusual conditions. (If your company plans to provide incentives for safe driving, this gadget is a must.)

Another benefit of GPS security tracker devices is that they provide a sense of security. Whether it’s a parent with a teenage driver or a car owner concerned about theft, this piece of technology is a must-have for almost anyone who owns a vehicle. 

In the vast majority of cases, people use a GPS device tracker for safety and efficiency, rather than spying. 

How to set up a GPS device tracker?

If you have a battery-powered vehicle tracker, the first thing you need to do is turn the unit on. Depending on the model you purchase, you may need screws to access the on/off switch to power up the gadget.

You may also need to download a tracking software or app that provides you live GPS data on your phone or computer. At The Spy Store, we have vehicle trackers that come with a free tracking app. 

Next, place your battery-powered tracker in discreet places like under the steering wheel (above the pedals), in the front or rear bumper, and under the car. 

If you choose a hardwired GPS device tracker, you need to manually connect it to your car’s electrical system to function. The best spot to place it is under or inside the dashboard or just above the pedals. 

The installation of hardwired trackers depends on the model. If you choose easy-to-install GPS models that you can purchase from The Spy Store, connecting them to your car is a fairly straightforward approach that would only take thirty minutes or less. 

Hardwired trackers’ main appeal is that they don’t require recharging because they get their power from the car’s electrical system. The same is true for plug-in trackers, which also connect to the vehicle.

Plug-in GPS trackers are connected to a power source, such as the vehicle’s OBD port located on your dashboard. 

Now that you know everything about the benefits of a GPS device tracker and how to set it up, visit The Spy Store and choose from our collection of security and surveillance products that include camera for spy, personal alarms, home security gadgets, bug detectors, listening devices, and other spy gadgets.