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GPS on a Car

Having GPS on a car can be a lifesaver.  With a GPS device, you can keep everything dear to you safe. Protect what matters most to you by utilising a number of advanced security monitoring accessories at The Spy Store. Whether you own an enterprise in the urban areas of Australia or are a concerned parent in the suburbs, our GPS units are the innovative solution to your long-standing problems. 

You can boost your vehicle safety through our car GPS device installation. The vast selection at The Spy Store allows you to choose a device that suits your specific needs. Aside from this, our car trackers devices are affordable and of the highest quality, so worry not about cost or quality. Simply opt for a car tracking device that has the appropriate features you need for your business or family life. 

The Spy Store carries more than just GPS for tracking vehicles. Our large catalogue also has a number of other feature-rich GPS trackers. With these trackers, you can ensure the security and protection of the important aspects of your life. 

In the indoor portion of your home, consider installing a mini spy camera or general spy camera to discreetly check for intruders. You can pair this product with an outdoor camera to further fortify your property. By using these monitoring devices, you will have protective eyes placed in every corner of your home. 

When you go on family trips or your child’s first independent adventures, you can invest in a portable GPS device tracker. This way, your family can enjoy and have fun at outings while remaining safe and secure. 

Buy surveillance accessories from The Spy Store now and put GPS on a car today. Receive an added layer of protection from our gadgets and devices and enjoy lifetime support from our expert team! 

What is GPS? 

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. All that means is that through the device unit and satellite navigation, you can find your car using a mobile app or a computer program.

With GPS, you can track the location of your car in real time. The device connects to the satellite in the sky, and then the data from this pairing is sent to a server. This server then records the information, interprets it, and then sends it to the dedicated software. 

You then get the digested output of the data on your screen. This comes in the form of informative notifications, alerts, and, of course, the actual navigation of your car on the virtual map provided. 

These features make it easy for anyone to have surveillance on their car. Whether you are a manager handling a fleet of trucks or the breadwinner of the family, this GPS on a car will definitely make your life easier and safer. 

What are the benefits of using GPS in a car? 

There are countless benefits to using GPS on a car. Two of the most important are as follows: 

Elevated security 

Using GPS on a car elevates security as you will be able to determine when and where your car is being used. Through the GPS navigation for car, there is real-time feedback that is accessible with just a simple tap on your smartphone. 

Some models even have GPS with dash cam. With these models, you will get not only an aerial view using the virtual map integration, but also a first-person point of view when your family member or service driver is on the road. With this advanced technology, you can be sure that you are getting the most comprehensive view possible of your loved one’s or employee’s route and surroundings.

Better management and productivity 

In a business setting, employees or managers usually clock in and out their vehicles manually. Through the software that comes with GPS devices, this task can be effortlessly done. The resulting analytics can also lead to better company planning and more detailed reports. 

The same benefit can be seen for users who utilise this device for family management. Instead of manually calling your spouse or children on the phone when the car is on the road, you can simply check the software, which allows you to determine where your car is and if the people inside it are safe. 

How to connect your GPS tracker to a car?

There are different types of GPS trackers in The Spy Store collection. This is why the installation or connection process will vary from device to device. To make certain that you are connecting GPS on a car properly, consult with our friendly customer service, and we will provide you with our expert assistance. 

However, if you prefer to connect the tracking device yourself, the manual is in the box or can be downloaded from our website. Here are some of the general ways you can connect your GPS tracker to your car. 

If your GPS system for car operates through the OBD II port, you have to plug in the device in the designated 16-pin area near the dashboard of the vehicle. 

On the other hand, if you have a hardwired GPS device, you have to find the fuse box in your car and connect the device to the main power source. Although this sounds like a fairly simple procedure, it is best if you ask the assistance of a professional mechanic.

Lastly, if your GPS device is portable, make sure to fully charge the battery so that the power will stay on for a long period. Then, place this device in an area in your car where it will not move or bounce around.

Now that you know what a GPS device is and how important it is to enterprises and personal life, browse through our collection of surveillance devices at The Spy Store. Buy a GPS navigator for sale, pair it with other surveillance accessories, and enjoy our express shipping Australia-wide!