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GPS for Tracking Vehicles

A portable or hardwired GPS for tracking vehicles or vehicle GPS tracker system can be used to keep track of all kinds of vehicles. Whether you are a fleet manager, parent, or vehicle owner, everyone needs a way to locate their vehicle at any time. A less expensive GPS version for tracking vehicles may only record speed and location data for later use. Still, there are real-time GPS for tracking vehicles that deliver this information instantly. Purchasing a GPS for tracking vehicles can guarantee safety and security as you can easily set up alerts whenever your driver speeds or deviates from a specific area.

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How to track a vehicle with GPS?

GPS trackers use a network of satellites to determine the location of a GPS device. A GPS for tracking vehicles or a vehicle tracker uses a process called trilateration to determine its physical location using three satellites that serve as known points. If this technology is familiar, it is also used in your car’s navigation system. Still, it is utilised differently, focusing on keeping track of driving habits such as speed and distance rather than giving directions. The GPS tracking device also broadcasts the location of the GPS device in real time.

Some GPS for tracking vehicles function together with a partner application or computer program that allows you to access the data it records easily. Note that some GPS security trackers have regular subscription fees for using their service due to the required connection to the internet or mobile network.

At The Spy Store, however, our GPS devices are not only full of features but are mostly free of charge and only require the purchase of a SIM card. No monthly subscription fees, and no benefits locked behind certain paywalls. Save costs by shopping at The Spy Store as we curate only the best and most functional GPS trackers for vehicles.

What factors should you consider before buying a GPS tracker for your vehicle?

Whatever you want to use your GPS for tracking vehicles for, you should always consider your specific situation before purchasing one. A GPS for tracking vehicles can function to monitor your teenager’s or driver’s driving habits, protect your car from being stolen, or manage your fleet of vehicles for your business. Once you have decided on the purpose of your GPS for tracking vehicles, there are several other factors to consider.

Your GPS for tracking vehicles requires a channel to pass through to connect to the Global Positioning System. While 3G is more common and functional enough for what you might need, the already available 4G boasts a faster processing speed and can hold more data. Going for 4G can also future-proof your car from rapidly changing technology standards.

A good GPS for tracking vehicles should last long without the need to replace the batteries every so often. This means that long battery life is important for your car GPS to withstand any situation. While there are hardwired GPS products that solve the issue of needing a battery as it connects to the car’s electrical system, it is still important to recognise how long your car GPS device will last and how often you need to change your batteries.

It is integral for your GPS for tracking vehicles to include software that allows you to access the data stored within the GPS device. This can come in the form of a web service or smartphone application. Some options include the capability to send you SMS or push notifications, allowing you to receive information as soon as anything happens to your vehicle. Select a GPS with software that makes it easy for you to obtain this information and one with a lifetime free subscription to the tracking software so you can reduce expenses.

Like purchasing any spy gadget or GPS on car, remember to always look back at your situation and decide from there. At The Spy Store, we don’t waste your time with inferior brands that will break easily; we understand that a car GPS is supposed to give you a secure feeling rather than something else to worry about.

How to set up a GPS tracker?

Installing your GPS for tracking vehicles is dependent on the type you own. There are two main types of vehicle trackers: hardwired and portable. Hardwired GPS models may require assistance during the setup process. They are directly connected to the car’s power source, so it’s best to drive down to the local garage and get a mechanic’s services to install it to your vehicle securely. 

Portable ones, also referred to as wireless models, are quite easy to install and do not require any outside help. These devices usually come with an adhesive strip or a magnet inside, and you can firmly secure them onto your car. Since they are portable, you can easily transfer them from car to car.

While installation can be more difficult on hardwired devices, they have some benefits. If you don’t plan on moving around your car GPS, hardwired car tracking devices usually have a more reliable power connection and provide greater security features such as shutting off the engine remotely to stop any criminals from stealing your vehicle and running off with it.

At The Spy Store, our range of GPS tracker and mini spy camera products fits your every need and budget. If you have questions about installing or setting up your GPS for tracking vehicles or if you need help choosing the right GPS locator, feel free to contact our customer support. 

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