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Car Tracker

A car tracker is a device that allows you to track one or more vehicles. If you are looking for high-quality car trackers, The Spy Store offers a large selection of surveillance technology. With these innovative trackers, you can sit back and go on about your business while letting technology do the worrying for you. Whether you are part of the transportation service in Australia or simply a concerned parent, we have the best GPS car tracker for you! 

If you want to propel your business forward or ensure the safety of your loved ones, we have all the vehicle tracking products that are suitable for any purpose. You can choose from our wide collection of car trackers devices. With The Spy Store, you do not have to worry about inflated or expensive products. We screen each car tracking device and make sure that it is both of top quality and reasonably priced. 

Want more than just a car tracker? Look no further: The Spy Store also provides other types of GPS trackers. Our devices allow you to track more than just your precious vehicle – you can protect everything that matters to you. Shop now and buy a GPS device tracker that lets you keep track of your loved ones and smaller belongings as well. 

Do not just stop at a vehicle tracker – make sure that your surroundings are safe and secure. Custom-fit your house with spy camera devices to ensure that your children and pets are getting along. Additionally, invest in our outdoor camera solution to scout out potential happenings that could harm your property or family.

Whether you are looking for a GPS to track a vehicle or a discreet mini spy camera to investigate, The Spy Store is the place for you.

Why do people use car trackers? 

The Spy Store understands all types of surveillance issues – from those that appear in large-scale industries to those that occur in the common home. People use our car tracker as an easy solution to hard problems. 

Large-scale industries 

We know – we’ve seen it before. One of the most frustrating things about being the head manager is trying to maximise company time. Instead of operating the old-fashioned way, our GPS tracking units allow for modern documentation of a company car. 

Our trackers also provide efficient fleet management when it comes to car rental services. You can be the head of navigation and be on top of the location of your assets using our car tracker. 

Common home

Our GPS tracker for car can also be applied in family life. Observe your teenagers’ tendencies on the road with our personal vehicle tracking system. Have peace of mind knowing that you can install and then open up an app on your mobile device to satisfy that parental call to protect. This also benefits your child as they can enjoy their travel without receiving calls or messages about their whereabouts. 

How to choose the right tracker for a car? 

Taking note of essential functionality is important in choosing the perfect car tracker. Consider these two important features and decide from there. 

Thwarting theft

If your car is stolen, a car tracker can help in monitoring its movement. The satellite will pick up the movement and then inform you through the GPS track vehicle platform. When this happens, you can contact the authorities right away for assistance. 

Some of our hardwired trackers allow for a faster solution. These special devices connect to your vehicle’s battery and fuel source. This means that you have the option to cut the thief’s operation by shutting down these electric, gas, or diesel sources. 

Informative alerts

A good car tracker gives you informative status alerts. These notifications include ignition warnings, overspeeding cautions, and car crash alerts. There are even car tracking devices that notify you when your devices or your car has been messed with. This way, you have full surveillance over who drives your car and how they use it. 

How to install a tracker on a car?

Some car trackers have limited set-up procedures while others require multiple steps to install. The steps will vary depending on what type of product you have chosen. 

If you have a car tracking device that functions through the OBD II port, all you have to do is plug the tracker into the 16-pin area. If you have a hardwired car tracker, then you can connect the device seamlessly to your car’s battery. Lastly, if you have a portable car tracker, all you have to do is charge it and place it in a secure location inside your vehicle. 

Confused? Don’t worry, our customer service is here to help. Simply contact us and we’ll provide you with expert advice. We make sure to use simple, plain language so that customers with no background in car mechanics can understand us. 

Lost your manual? Don’t fret – we have an online repository of the manuals. Just click on ‘setup manuals’ located on the bottom right corner of our website and download the appropriate digital manual for your car tracker. 

Now that you know the whys and hows of car trackers, it’s time to complete your order at The Spy Shop. Browse through all things surveillance and enjoy our warranty, express shipping, and discreet billing!