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      Vehicle GPS Tracker

      Nowadays, an advanced yet easy-to-use vehicle GPS tracker can add a layer of security to your assets. Whether you are looking for top quality surveillance technology for your personal family cars or even the trucks used for your business – The Spy Store definitely has you covered. 

      With a wide range of GPS device tracker listings to choose from, you’ll be able to create a custom security setup that meets your needs. All you have to do is browse our intuitive platform, select one of our competitively priced GPS tracking units, and then install it in your car with just a few simple steps. 

      You can also take advantage of our informative buying guides and concise YouTube tutorial videos as online tools for a pleasant experience. Shop online now at The Spy Store and perhaps even consider our mini security camera offers or other similar monitoring accessories.

      How to choose the right GPS tracker for your vehicle? 

      The Spy Store has made it so you can effortlessly choose the best vehicle tracker for your specific needs. When browsing through our products, simply take into account the features and functionality listed below, then make a purchasing decision accordingly. 

      Wireless connection type

      When it comes to a vehicle GPS tracker, it’s likely you’re prioritising map accuracy and real-time updates. If that’s the case, then you should search for a model that runs through a 4G signal (also referred to as LTE) rather than a 3G signal.

      While 3G tracking device variants give more than enough navigation and location information, the more advanced 4G tracking device variant provides more accessibility to track your vehicle as data speeds will be faster.

      Mobile notifications

      Aside from information related to the positioning of your car, a number of GPS tracker models could also give you mobile notifications on other aspects. For instance, the personal vehicle tracking system can send your phone alerts for engine ignition, warnings for speeding, and a car crash update.

      This comes in handy as you could use this versatile feature to monitor family members and also employees who drive company cars as well. 

      Theft prevention 

      Through the use of geofencing, you can outline your standard routes and regularly visited areas on a virtual map. If the vehicle GPS tracker detects anomalous drives from outside the set location, then an automatic notification will be sent.

      Some hardwired vehicle trackers even tap into your car’s fuel or battery source to prevent your vehicle from getting stolen. If activated, the operator can cut the engine to immobilise the vehicle.

      Keep these three points of interest in mind for an even easier time shopping for a car tracking device. Place an order at The Spy Store to effortlessly keep track of what you need to.

      What are the benefits of using a vehicle GPS tracker? 

      Listed below are what you can expect when you use a car GPS tracker Australia from The Spy Store.

    • Fuel cost optimisation. With the rising prices of fuel, families and businesses alike are in the process of lowering their consumption. A tracking system for cars can show you the routes you often take – allowing you to make adjustments and turns to cut corners. 
    • Increased driver performance. Through our surveillance technology, monitoring company drivers has become a manageable task. Simply buy a vehicle GPS tracker to ensure that your employee is both safe and spending the appropriate amount of hours in specific work areas. 
    • Digital assessments. Manual recording takes a lot of time and energy. Instead of limiting yourself to traditional processes, why not streamline your business operations with portable fleet GPS trackers that have matching digital managing systems. 

    • When you shop at The Spy Store, not only do you get to experience the benefits of our products but our exclusive service as well. For every vehicle GPS tracker you buy, you get a 14-day money-back guarantee, a one year warranty, and lifetime customer support from our professional team.

      Take a look at our premium GPS security tracker collection and make your purchase today. You can also check out our tiny camera listings for added security inside the home or company warehouse.

      How to install a GPS tracker on your vehicle?

      Installing any of our vehicle GPS tracker models is a breeze – regardless of its hardware type. Follow the short and simple directions below to monitor your car with utmost ease. 

      If your GPS for tracking vehicles utilises the OBD II port, then you can simply install the device through the 16-pin connection. In contrast, if you have chosen the hardwired variant, just pop open the front part of your car and attach the product to the battery. Lastly, if you purchased a portable tracker, then place it anywhere in your vehicle and don’t forget to charge it regularly. 

      Misplaced your manual? Not to worry, you can head on over to our homepage to get a digital copy. Click on the ‘setup manuals’ button and download the specific guidelines for your vehicle GPS tracker model. 

      Shop online now at The Spy Store for all your personal or business surveillance needs. Have the option to use convenient payment methods like Zip Pay and get free Australian shipping for every major order you place. Avail of our products today and be one step closer to a safer tomorrow!