Mini Security Camera

      Power Bank with Hidden HD Camera and Mic - Portable Fast Charging
      • 10,000mAh powerbank with covert surveillance camera inside
      • Record live in-app to the cloud or inserted SD Card (up to 64GB)
      • 20h Continuous Recording or 15h on Night Vision
      • Motion-Activated Recording On-The-Go
      • 3-5M Infrared Night Vision for recording in dark conditions
      Hidden Camera AC Adapter
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      • An AC Adapter with an unsuspecting hidden camera twist
      • Monitor remotely or capture moments to an SD card via Motion Detection
      • No Giveaways: No light or sound indicators on the device
      • 15° Upward Tilt Camera to enhanced positioning
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      DIY Pinhole Module Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision and Ultra Long Battery Life (Dual Battery Model))
      • Premium DIY Design
      • 5M Night Vision
      • Motion Detection Alerts
      • Record in SD Card (Expandable up to 64GB)
      • 110° Wide-Angle Lens
      Hidden Camera AC Adapter with Night Vision and Adjustable Lens Angle
      • Fully Functional 10W USB-C Charging Port
      • Record Live in-app to the cloud or inserted SD Card (up to 128GB)
      • 30° Physical Camera Tilt and 110° Viewing Angle
      • Infrared Night Vision Up to 8m in low light conditions
      • Discreet Profile - No Light, Sounds or Other Giveaways
      Wireless Wi-Fi Endoscope Camera For iOS & Android
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      • Flexible 5M Cable
      • Live View In-App
      • IP68 Water Resistance
      • Excellent for Plumbers
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      HD Portable Video Pen Camera
      • Works as both a functional pen and surviellance device
      • Designed for portability and ease of use with one-button activation
      • 1080P Continuous Recording
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      USB Mini Camera Audio Recorder 10hrs Battery Use
      • Portable & Wearable
      • 720p HD Video
      • Motion Detection Recording
      • Automatically Saves Recordings
      LawMate® PV-RC200HD2(KR) Key Fob Camera
      • Premium Compact Design
      • 1080p HD Video
      • 1 Hour Continuous Use
      • Record direct to SD (Expandable up to 32GB)
      Flexible Gooseneck Camera | Full HD
      • Look into inaccessible areas
      • View Live 1080p HD Footage via the Free App
      • 24 Hours of Continuous Recording
      • 10cm of durable yet flexible gooseneck
      • 90° Wide-Angle Lens with 360° of manual rotation
      Mini Cube HD Hidden Wi-Fi Camera
      • 1080P HD Video with In-App Recording
      • Designed to be one of the smallest devices on the market
      • 1 Hour Continuous Use
      • Insert up to an 32GB SD Card for local storage
      Covert Pen Camera records in Full HD
      • Record a meeting or lecture while notetaking!
      • 2 Hours of Continuous Recording
      • Insert up to a 128GB SD Card to get started
      • 12MP Photo Capture Resolution (4032x3024)

      Mini Security Camera

      In this day and age, just about anyone in Australia can benefit from using a mini security camera as their second pair of eyes. If you’re looking to monitor your kids while you’re at work, checking for product theft in the office storage room, or finding out who’s been taking the packages from your front door – then The Spy Store is definitely the one-stop online platform for you. 

      With our extensive array of indoor and outdoor wireless cameras, you will certainly be able to keep any place safe from harm. To avail of our offers, simply scroll through our premium brand deals, choose features that pique your interest, and record footage in no time. 

      The process is just that easy when you shop at The Spy Store. You can even take advantage of our Spyscape blog and buying guides for more information about our surveillance technology. Buy small wireless security cameras today and also consider offerings from our dog GPS tracker Australia or car GPS tracker Australia collection. 

      What are the advantages of using mini security cameras? 

      There’s no doubt that using a mini security camera brings about a number of advantages. Listed below are some reasons home and business owners install these kinds of devices on their property. 

      Acts as a possible deterrent for criminal activities

      If your home, office, or warehouse has a visible outdoor camera, thieves will find it more difficult to sneak into the premises undetected. In this regard, it may even be an effective deterrent. While you might want to save a buck by relying on dummy cameras to do the job, be aware that some criminals can tell the difference between the two products and are therefore more likely to target buildings with inferior security systems.

      Allows for checkups on loved ones

      It’s completely normal to feel a strong need to check up on your spouse, kids, and other family members. However, constantly calling them up for an update can cause annoyance and irritation that almost always leads to arguments. Instead of constantly asking if they’re safe, you can just view the live video feed coming from the recording spy cameras. 

      Helps with legal proceedings

      In the event that your property gets broken in, a mini spy camera will help with police reports details and can even serve as valuable evidence in court, in addition to expediting the process when you file the necessary insurance property claims. Mini security cameras are also invaluable in settling disputes or disagreements – whether between coworkers and supervisors or between customers and employees.

      Experience all these benefits and more when you invest in fixed or portable surveillance cameras from The Spy Store. Read further to find out what features and model types we carry on our online platform.

      How to choose the right mini security camera for your needs? 

      Choosing the best spy camera for your unique situation doesn’t have to be difficult.

    • Motion-activated. Looking to save on power, internet bandwidth, and storage space? If that’s the case, then you should consider a secret camera for a house that only records audio and video when the sensor detects motion.
    • 1080p night vision. Should you need a surveillance system with reliable capabilities at night, consider purchasing a mini security camera built with quality resolution and night vision technology in mind. This way, even in the dead of night, you can use the phone app as a virtual remote and screen to monitor the area.
    • Double audio stream. Aside from investing in the spy camera’s wireless feature, two-way audio control might also be one of your must-haves. This is great for when you want to talk to your children or pets through the camera or perhaps even to scare off thieves trying to break in.

    • Along with these advanced tiny camera features, enjoy a wide range of service benefits when you shop at The Spy Store. Buy a mini security camera from us, then receive a one-year warranty, 14-day money-back guarantee, and best of all, compassionate customer support that will always be happy to demystify the sometimes-confusing world of spy gadgets.

      How to install a mini security camera?

      Here at The Spy Store, all of our micro-cameras for spying have incredibly easy setup procedures. While each product kit has instructions included, here are some basic steps that illustrate just how straightforward the installation is. 

      1. Choose a location where you’ll have the widest field of vision and the best audio coverage. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out multiple angles. 
      2. Unbox the package and make sure to keep an eye on each individual piece. We recommend that you place the items in a set area for better organisation. 
      3. Using the provided mechanisms, mount the mini security camera on a wall or similar surface. Afterwards, attach the ethernet cable or simply connect the device to the WiFi. 
      4. Double-check if the antenna is working properly, ensuring that it receives and transmits data smoothly. Then, if you’re satisfied with the setup and quality, monitor for as long as you’d like.

      However, if you’ve bought a complex kit or are having trouble with installation, you are more than welcome to avail of our free after-sales service. Similarly, you can also check out the tutorial videos on The Spy Store Australia YouTube channel or even browse our Facebook page for tips and hidden camera ideas from the community. 

      What’s not to love about the products and services we provide? Buy one of our mini cameras today for the peace of mind that comes with having eyes where you need them!