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      Tiny Camera

      We understand that as times change, more and more people in Australia need tiny camera options for surveillance purposes. With the extensive collection of miniature cameras at The Spy Store, you won’t ever run out of ways to monitor both your property and the ones you love. 

      Here, not only will you get some of the best indoor and outdoor wireless cameras, but you’ll also receive unique service benefits with every product you purchase from us. 

      For instance, we can vouch for all of our premium yet cheap spy cameras – so much so that we can confidently provide you with a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can also buy now, pay later with credit options like Zip Pay and enjoy a speedy same-day dispatch for your orders. 

      What are you waiting for? Shop online now at The Spy Store and get more than just a hidden camera for sale. Read further to learn more about our advanced gear and accessories. 

      What can tiny cameras be used for? 

      From personal affairs all the way to business matters – there’s a multitude of ways you can use a tiny camera from The Spy Store.

      Improved safety and security at home

      While many households have CCTVs installed in every main area, you can still benefit from a discreet security camera system. Often, intruders know how to work the circuit on these traditional surveillance products – that’s why it helps to have a secondary option hidden out of sight.

      Effortless child and pet monitoring

      Missing your little ones while you’re at work? Not to worry, you can always connect with them even if you’re miles away. Just take out your phone, navigate through the mini camera app, and see what your kids or furry friends are up to while you’re away from home. 

      Office or warehouse theft prevention

      If you are a manager who has been noticing stolen goods, then it’s definitely time to install smart hidden surveillance cameras in the storage rooms. Doing this will allow you to check for either wasteful use or covert activities taking advantage of company resources. 

      Look into our tiny camera options now and keep a watchful eye on your home or at the workplace. Place an order at The Spy Store today and perhaps even consider our car trackers devices to keep track of on-road activity.

      What factors should you consider when buying a tiny camera? 

      Shopping for security spy cameras is extremely easy if you know what features you need. 

    • Motion recording. A number of our indoor or outdoor camera options have a motion recording setting. This means that the product will only record video footage if the motion sensor detects movement. Typically, people who buy this type of tiny camera save on memory storage memory, internet bandwidth, and electricity consumption.
    • Adjustable lens. If you have a large room that usually requires multiple remote spy cameras to be covered, then you should look into an option with an adjustable lens. This way, you can easily move the field of view around with your smartphone.
    • Two-way audio system. Don’t plan on keeping your CCTV cameras hidden? In that case, you can invest in a two-way audio system with a built-in speaker. With this camera, you can call out to your children and pets at home. You can even pair this device with our dog GPS tracker Australia gear for maximum safety. 
    • Battery-operated. With a battery-operated tiny camera, you won’t have to worry about power outages cutting your surveillance recordings. What’s more is that these types of wireless spy cameras can easily be transferred to different locations as they’ll function even without an AC cord attached to them. Simply charge them before use and you’ll be able to record for hours. 

    • Now that you have some neat features in mind, explore the wide range of mini security camera listings at The Spy Store and find the product perfect for your specific situation. Confirm your order at checkout today and receive free Australian shipping!

      How to install a tiny camera?

      When it comes to the tiny camera products at The Spy Store, the installation process will never be an issue. Simply follow the instructions below to set up the product yourself or avail of our after-sales service if you need the assistance of our expert team of tech professionals. 

      1. Plan ahead of time to find out which location will give you the best FOV and audio coverage. Of course, you might not find the most optimal spot right away, so feel free to readjust whenever you feel like it.
      2. Take out the tiny camera parts from your package and organise them for ease of use. If the product you bought has multiple parts, it is recommended that you place them in a tray or container to avoid misplacing small pieces. 
      3. With the included mounts, place your mini spy camera in your desired location. Once you are happy with the setup, turn it on and test the resolution. 
      4. Ensure that your camera can transmit a consistent and clear signal. If the video stutters or cuts out, adjust its position and check if the antenna is blocked. 

      In need of a visual guide? Don’t fret – The Spy Store Australia YouTube channel has some video tutorials you can take advantage of. Check if the spy camera you bought has been covered and keep posted as we’ll be releasing new videos with instructions that are plain and simple to understand. 

      Shop at The Spy Store today!