Dog GPS Tracker Australia


      Dog GPS Tracker Australia

      With our dog GPS tracker Australia products, taking care of your furry friend is now an absolute walk in the park. Whether you’re working in your office five blocks away from home or perhaps on a long holiday vacation with your nearest and dearest – the mini GPS trackers available at The Spy Store will definitely give you the peace of mind every pet parent wants. 

      When you shop with us, you’ll get access to more than just GPS tags for dogs. Through our intuitive online store, you can also order items like outdoor wireless cameras and even mini spy camera options. This way, you can visually monitor your pup when they’re in your front or backyard and maybe even secretly watch over them to see if they’re behaving indoors. 

      Check out The Spy Store now and track your pet with little to no effort at all. Buy an affordable surveillance device from us today and enjoy a wide range of exclusive service benefits. 

      How do dog GPS trackers work? 

      Our dog GPS tracker Australia products sport the same advanced technology seen in our car GPS tracker Australia products. With this, the dog tracking system may appear complex, but contrary to popular belief, it is actually incredibly easy to grasp. 

      First, it all starts with a satellite revolving around the earth’s orbit. This machine connects to the small chip inside the dog tracking collar via radio waves – allowing it to accurately pinpoint the location of your furry friend.

      With the help of this wireless signal, the satellite gathers and records the necessary movement data. It is then transmitted at high speeds so that you can enjoy real-time monitoring through the included mobile phone app.

      Finally, the information is sent to a GPS server where it is stored for future reference. It is important to note that when comparing mini security camera video recordings to map patterns, the latter doesn’t take up as much space. That is why some of our brands would even carry up to three months’ worth of data on their cloud storage.

      Want to know more about our dog GPS tracker Australia products? Don’t fret, our friendly customer support team will be able to answer any of your questions and concerns. 

      From our GPS pet collar devices all the way to our camera for spy work – we’re confident that we’ll be able to assist you. Our team always gives instructions in plain, simple language so that even those who aren’t that tech-savvy can still understand our advice. 

      Shop online now at The Spy Store and call 1300 681 609 if you need our premium after-sales service. 

      How to choose the right GPS tracker for your dog? 

      Choosing the right product from our dog GPS tracker Australia collection isn’t difficult if you take into account the following essential features. 

      Waterproof properties 

      Seeing that this is a wearable tracker, you certainly don’t want it impeding natural movement and activity. Be sure to pick a device with waterproof properties if your dog often plays outside in the rainy weather or on shallow beach shores. Doing this will protect electric components like the battery while keeping your precious pup safe and happy.

      GPS collar accuracy

      Perhaps you prioritise map tracking as you often leave your dog with different pet sitters. If that’s the case, then you should buy a product with a GPS collar accuracy of 5 to 15 metres. This will allow you to check if the person you’ve entrusted your furry friend to has been going through the proper walking routes or taking your pet to places they shouldn’t be. 

      Smartphone compatibility

      All the features are only as good as the system that brings them together. As a result, you should search for a pet activity tracker with an app that’s free of charge. You can also choose one with virtual fence settings so that you get automatic SMS alerts when your dog leaves a certain area. Pair this with an outdoor camera system and you’ll never have to worry about your little one’s whereabouts ever again. 

      Look through the dog GPS tracker Australia collection at The Spy Store and find the best dog tracker for your specific needs! 

      How to set up a dog GPS tracker?

      When you shop at The Spy Store, setting up a small GPS tracker for dogs is as easy as one-two-three.

      Firstly, start by looking for the sim card slot on the dog finder collar. Once you have located it, you should insert a sim card that supports data and text transfer. This step is important as other types of sim cards won’t be able to send you important SMS alerts during emergency situations. 

      Secondly, you should turn on your smartphone and download the matching app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Create an account with your email address so that you have the option to change the password down the line. 

      Lastly, pair the dog GPS tracker Australia product with your phone over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Input your preferred settings and place the tracking unit back into the collar. Gently wrap it around your dog’s neck – ensuring that you leave the collar a size bigger for breathing room. 

      There you have it – three simple steps and you’re finished with the set-up process. Feel free to go through the directions as much as you’d like and maybe even download a virtual copy of the manual on our online store. 

      Shop online now at The Spy Store and buy products and accessories that are nothing short of premium quality. We offer speedy delivery service anywhere in Australia!