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      Mini GPS Trackers

      With mini GPS trackers, you can track your vehicle without anyone besides yourself knowing. A tracking device, such as a car GPS tracker or vehicle GPS tracker and a small GPS tracker, is one of the best spy gadgets you can get. Along with a spy camera, a GPS device tracker will provide you round-the-clock accurate information on the whereabouts of your car and other assets you choose to monitor. If you have been searching the internet for ‘GPS car trackers Australia’ but still can’t find the right one that suits your need, check out The Spy Store – the top-of-mind online shop for premium spy gadgets. 

      The Spy Store has an extensive collection of mini GPS trackers that you can get for your home, for your car, or even for yourself. The tracking devices come in different models with various functions and special features that might be just what you need in a mini tracker. 

      There are all kinds of GPS trackers, but if your purpose is to track something discreetly, then a mini-sized tracker is the best option to go for. Not only will it go unnoticeable inside your vehicle, but it will also be easy to mount. Deciding to buy a small GPS tracker is a no-brainer for most people; the real challenge lies in choosing the right store to buy it from as well as what to choose from the gamut of options available. 

      What factors should you consider when buying a mini GPS tracker?

      The last thing you want to happen is for your GPS tracker to malfunction and not be locatable right when you need it the most. Make sure to buy mini GPS trackers that are truly reliable. Here are the factors to keep in mind when shopping for tracking devices to ensure you land the best one for you: 

      Primary purpose 

      What are you buying a mini tracker device for? Will it be your personal vehicle tracker, or will your micro GPS tracker be for tracking people and pets? If you want to buy car GPS tracker, choose a model that is designed exactly for car use. As for tracking families, wearable tracking devices are more ideal options. The Spy Store has quality car GPS trackers, waterproof wearable trackers, pet tracking collars, and more. 

      Monitoring capabilities

      Just how reliable is your tracker in providing real-time tracking information? Check the specifications of the tracking devices you are interested in to see if they use modern technology that can keep up with your demands. With The Spy Store’s mini GPS trackers, for example, you can trust to retrieve accurate GPS data quickly as they connect to a 4G network that won’t go outdated anytime soon.

      Ease of use 

      The various mode functions of your device will be for nothing if you can’t easily navigate through them. Choose a small tracking device that is intuitive and easy to configure according to your needs. The Spy Store tracking gadgets come with a free app where you can change the settings and access information on your phone. We also offer lifetime support to make sure you get the best use out of your trackers. 

      What are the applications of a mini GPS tracker?

      Top-notch mini GPS trackers, especially the smallest GPS tracking device like a microdot tracker, are not exactly cheap. With that, it is only right that you explore all the good uses you can get out of it before purchasing one. Tracking devices are for: 

      Tracking people 

      With a mini tracking device to monitor the location of your kids or elderly family members, you can ensure their safety, especially during travel. The Spy Store offers wearable tracking devices with special features – like two-communication and emergency buttons – for your peace of mind. 

      Tracking vehicles 

      Your car can get stolen at any time, so having a GPS car tracker is a must since it can help you recover your car in case of theft. The Spy Store has small vehicle tracking devices that can be hidden easily inside your car. There are magnetic and slim models with advanced sensors for convenient car surveillance. 

      Tracking movable assets

      If you are running a business, it can be a challenge to keep track of your moving equipment. Wireless tracking devices can help you keep your business assets more secured. The Spy Store’s trackers have a geofencing functionality that alerts you when any of your assets are out of the coverage area you set. 

      How to install a mini GPS tracker?

      The installation process of your mini GPS trackers depends on the model you bought. For car GPS trackers, for example, trackers can be hardwired into your automotive’s system, connected to the antenna, or simply adhered to on the outside through a magnet. For people and pets, you can simply let them wear your tracking device if they are designed to be wearable. 

      The Spy Store’s gadgets come with a free app where you can control the settings of your tracking devices and access the collected tracking data and analytics. Other benefits include lifetime support where our friendly representatives will walk you through the installation process of your device in simple terms to make sure that you have a clear understanding of how to make good use of your device. We also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee or item replacement in the rare case that you are unhappy with your purchase. 

      Look no further for the best mini GPS trackers you can buy in Australia – only The Spy Store offers premium-quality trackers with advanced features on top of unparalleled customer service.