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Get peace of mind with a tracking device that updates you on your car’s exact location 24/7. One of the top searches on the internet is ‘car GPS tracker Australia’ because more and more people are realising the importance of having a GPS tracker on their vehicle. From simple tasks such as finding your car in the parking area when you forget where you parked to tracking your car’s exact location when it gets stolen, a vehicle GPS tracker is an essential device to have once you decide to get a car. 

The Spy Store is a reputable brand for innovative spy gadgets. For all your surveillance needs over your home, office, or vehicle, you can trust us to provide you with no less than premium gadgets you can depend on. We have all kinds of tracking devices – from magnetic to hardwired models – if you plan to install GPS on a car as well as recording gadgets like a spy camera, mini spy camera, and outdoor camera

Planning to purchase a tracking device is exciting until you realise that choosing among the thousands of options you have in front of you is nothing short of overwhelming. To make sure you end up with the best tracking devices that suit your needs and preferences most, read on to find out more about car trackers devices or GPS vehicle trackers. 

How do tracking devices work?

When you decide to buy car tracker, you should also know how it works in the first place so you can make sure it is set up efficiently and get the most value for your money. Almost all tracking devices work via GPS that connects the device, or whatever it is attached to, to a series of satellites to determine its precise location. The device sends special signals to the satellites that are then processed by a receiver before the end user receives readable insights about them. 

The Spy Store tracking device is also a GPS tracking unit, which means it can provide live GPS data with an accuracy of just a few metres. You are also granted lifetime access to a free GPS tracking app where you can receive updates and notifications about your car’s location as well as easily control all features and functions of the device. You can simply download the app on your smartphone or tablet so you can continue to keep an eye on your vehicle remotely. 

What are the benefits of tracking devices?

A good-quality and truly reliable tracking device is not a cheap investment. It only makes sense that you explore all the advantages you can get from buying one to make sure it is worth your money: 

Theft recovery 

Protection against car theft is one of the primary benefits of getting a GPS tracker for your vehicle. In case the inevitable happens and your car gets stolen, you can track its real-time location and report it to the authorities so they can help you recover it fast. The Spy Store’s Hardwired Car GPS Tracker, for example, allows you to cut off the vehicle supply remotely to stop the crooks in their tracks. 

Improved safety 

If a family member or close friend borrows your car, you can monitor and manage their routes to ensure their safety with a GPS tracking device. The same can be done when you are driving your car; your family can easily locate you to make sure you are safe. In case of emergencies, help can easily find you, which can save your life. 

Locate a vehicle in real time 

A GPS tracking system for your car is also a great solution if you are quite forgetful. When you forget where you parked your car, for example, you can easily locate it using your car’s GPS. One of the best features of the 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker of The Spy Store is its geofencing function where you can set custom geofences to receive notifications in case your vehicle moves in or out of the area. 

How do you activate a tracking device?

Each tracking device has its own special functions and features so it may have a unique activation process that you must follow as well. For your specific device, you should refer to the user manual it comes with so you can set it up in your car as intended by the manufacturers. 

With The Spy Store’s GPS trackers, you simply have to connect them to our free app to explore the different features of the tracking device. You can also configure the settings remotely via the app for your convenience. There are different ways to install our GPS devices into your vehicle; depending on their design, some are magnetic while others need to be hardwired into your automotive’s system. Some of the unique features you can enjoy with our GPS trackers include long battery life, tamper alert, vehicle ignition status, hotspot feature, alerts for vibration and overspeeding, and a remote cut-off function for fuel supply in case of theft. Of course, each of our premium car GPS trackers is designed for a unique purpose, so browse our shop to choose the best one for you. 

Keep your car and family safe with a tracking device that suits your needs and preferences from The Spy Store! Shop other spy gadgets while you’re at it too to get free shipping anywhere in Australia for a minimum purchase.