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Great little devices

An absolutely amazing little device that doesn’t catch anyone’s attention 😊 best thing ever for keeping an eye on what happens to your loved ones when you’re not around

Good but if you know what you are doing.

I have been having a few technical problems and my monitoring isnt working but I have had the best support from the most loveliest man, nick.
With nicks help and kindness he has talked me through everything and helping me with trying to get the monitor to work. Without him I’d be stuffed. With the right support the GPS is amazing. I love it

Really good, easy to operate, the only downside is the on and off switch is visible, so people in my house where switching it off

DIY Micro Hidden Camera


Thanks to the pen I caught my girlfriend cheating on me ,I had a feeling, but now it’s confirmed,the pen is an amazing and also very clear,thanks

Long Standby Wi-Fi Security Camera (365 days standby)

Hard to set up and use and back up not great

Hard to set up, app also difficult to understand and back up,service leaves a lot to be desired. Sent 3 emails and left two voicemails recently asking for a call to help......nothing. They were very good initially but recently I can’t seem to contact them

Awaretech MQ-U350 Mini USB Drive Voice Recorder

Great product

This product has literally changed my life👍

Slimeline GPS Tracker

Product works extremely well, better than I thought it could. Few teething problems, but call to the shop helped sort them out.

Portable Magnetic Slim 3G GPS Tracker

32 GB Micro SD Card & Adapter

Portable Magnetic Slim 3G GPS Tracker

I was very impressed by how accurate it was to find a vehicle and to follow.

Portable Magnetic Slim 3G GPS Tracker

Fantastic product

A mandatory requirement for a new insurance policy (our Yacht in this instance).
The GPS was easy to set up but had some problems with the app. The Spy Store advised me to download a different app and it now works fine. Having a link to the tracker manual really helped. I can see more insurance companies making tracking of vehicles, boats etc mandatory plus it’s peace of mind for the owner.

Portable Magnetic Slim 3G GPS Tracker

LawMate PV-TM10 Thermometer Hidden Camera & Covert DVR

The store itself was professional and straight up when there was an issue with shipping, couldn't have been more helpful. As for the unit, it works very well and lasts for ages on one charge.


Always helpful great service

Key Ring Camera

great product - excellent film - couldn't be happier - thanks Matt

clock camera

So far happy with the clock although my computer still dont seem to want to open files. still experimenting with that. might need some help.


All the setup was done in the shop and I left with it working and very happy with it. Top service, thanks guys


A pleasure doing business, Thank you.

Portable Heavy Duty 3G Tracker

Easy set up and use. Only using its basic functions but happy so far. Excellent service from the guys in store.