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Works as advertised

Customer support has been really good and all my questions were clarified when I called them up. Am buying another for another vehicle. Cheers

Took a bit to synchronize. Had to manually add the item but looking good now it is up and running. Works well as a charger. Had to purchase an inbound travel plug which could be mentioned or sold together as a pair.

Works Perfectly

I have used this product for over a year now and it works perfectly..
The support from the staff at Welshpool was excellent right from the start,
even when i changed my mind a couple of times at the beginning..
Have used for every day vehicle tracking and is brilliant!

Digital voice recorder wrist watch

I have an asshole bullying boss and this recorder is the best insurance I have against people like that.

Very hard to set up

Having a lot of trouble to activate the sim card and get the watch working today

Great service from the Spy Store

I ordered a flash drive digital voice recorder,it arrived promptly (2 days ) iam impressed with the service and the product and will recommend the Spy Store to everyone


Amazing very happy, gd security device

Awaretech Voice Recorder

Great unit, easy to use and very discreet.

I’m happy with product but batteries should be checked before selling
Please check if you can fine same camera to complete my requirements for this project
Thank you

Ac camera

Great hardware, terrible software

Literally a life changer.

My Father has Dimentia and gets lost sometimes when he's on his bike as he rides several times a day. Its only on occasion he gets lost. He's too active and fit to stop his passion of riding his bike. It would kill him to take that away from him.
We have bought tracking watches and tabs etc but the charge goes flat quickly and he doesn't always wear his watch. We got the 4g magnetic tracker and put it under his bike seat in a pouch and a few days ago he got tirned around on his ride. My mum was able to bring his bike location up easily on her phone by using the app and go straight to where he was and get him home. No need for Police assistance. This has made life so much less stressful for everyone. The 4g magnetic tracker is a must for all people with special needs who may struggle from time to time to find there way home if they have a bike or gopher or even a back pack, so carers and loved ones can locate them super easily and they don't get anxious or agitated being looked for by the police. I couldn't recommend this device enough. Thank you Spy store.

Didn’t end up using it. Changed my mind. Seems great and compact

Brendan’s Review

Happy with the camera and the set up guide was easy to follow. Only issue is I didn’t receive an SD card with the camera. I thought that may have been included being the camera isn’t exactly cheap.

It works well in the back of my car. Tracking it on the phone is extremely difficult as it's too small.

Sound isn’t very good

I like the alert feature that warns of movement.

LawMate™ RD-30 Bug & Hidden Camera Detector

Mr Mohamed AlzaaIm

It’s so good, easy to use,gives very accurate places , only one problem is , sometimes it’s blocked, so you miss it

Sensational product

Excellent communication, the purchase process was easy, delivery prompt, great experience and product as described

Endoscope application

I am using the endoscope for my pick and place machine and it completely works for what I need thanks very much for your product

Awaretech MQ-78 1GB Covert Pen Voice Recorder

Final Results

the service was brilliant and the Product was as it claimed to be.

Haven’t used it yet as had trouble shooting issues.

I purchased a Telstra sim that was 5G and this is not supported by the GPS tracker .