Nanny Camera

Nanny Cam Options For Every Home and Family

You have a right to know what’s going on in your own home, if you’re a parent who has ever left your child with a babysitter, you’ll know that it can be hard to stop fretting about what your child is up to.

Nanny cameras were invented to allow anxious, nervous parents to check in on their child when their child is in the care of another person.

What does a nanny cam do?

Nanny cams allow parents to monitor their child’s care discreetly, without drawing attention to the fact that video is being recorded. This ensures that the child isn’t distracted or worried by the presence of a camera, and anyone caring for your child doesn’t alter their behaviour from knowing that they’re on camera - you can see how they behave in your home when they think that no one is watching.

Nanny cameras can be hidden in clocks, plants, books or soft toys, making them appear to be everyday items whilst they discreetly record any activities occurring in the room. We all want the best for our families and at The Spy Store, we’re dedicated to giving you peace of mind and industry-leading security solutions.

Do you need WiFi for nanny cam?

Our nanny cameras require WiFi to work to their full capacity, as nanny cams are designed to send footage remotely. Using a WiFi nanny camera allows you to get up to the minute footage of what’s going on in your home when you’re not there, with no lag or downtime.

Not sure where to start? Try our Lawmate PV-BT10i Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera. It’s a bestseller and gives you all the options that you need to capture the action in your home discreetly, and in crystal clear vision.

We also carry nanny cams that use SDI technology, allowing you to choose between streaming footage to your device via WiFi, or recording it directly to an SD card. 

Nanny cams from The Spy Store also come with a host of great features that you’ll love, like motion activation, smartphone connectivity for monitoring on-the-go, night vision and fast charging, long lasting batteries.

Should you use a nanny cam?

It’s important to consider the ethics of using a nanny cam or hidden camera - for instance, if you have home care workers, you will want to consider whether you intend to inform them that they’re being monitored.

Before you install a nanny camera, always ensure that you understand the ethics and the law around using cameras inside your home to monitor adults looking after your children to ensure that you are fully legally compliant.

If you’re looking to protect your children and family and have peace of mind while you’re away, then a nanny cam might be the right choice for your home security needs.

What is the best affordable nanny cam?

We have a wide range of affordable nanny cam solutions to meet your home security needs and protect your family.

Our 1080P HD WiFi Spy Camera Clock is a bestseller, as is our PowerBank Phone Charger with Built-In HD Security Camera - both designed to look like everyday tech objects, so they blend seamlessly into any room in the house.

For a chic design choice, you might like to try our Modern Wall Clock Hidden Camera. And for an even more covert option, there’s even a Weather Station with HD 1080P Motion Detection Security Camera.