Car GPS Trackers

At The Spy Store, we’ve got your GPS tracker for car needs covered with a range of options to suit every need and budget.

GPS car trackers are a perfect security solution for business owners, tradespeople and everyday families - vehicles can be some of our most expensive assets, so it makes sense to protect and track them!

What is the best GPS tracker for car?

The car GPS tracker that you choose depends on your needs. If you need something portable and slimline to monitor a vehicle for a short period of time, or to switch between multiple vehicles - you might like to opt for a GPS tracker for car like the Portable Magnetic Slim 3G GPS Tracker.

For a super durable option, our Portable Heavy Duty 3G GPS Tracker is a winner. Portable GPS locators attach with industrial strength magnets so they’re not likely to be accidentally knocked out of place or tampered with.

If you’re looking for a GPS locator that is a bit more heavy duty and designed to withstand a variety of bumps, knocks and conditions - or if you’re a business owner wanting to track a fleet of vehicles as a long term business asset tracking solution, you might prefer a hardwired option.

We have great options to suit this need too. Our 3G Jimi Hardwired GPS tracker is a bestseller. And for those who like the latest in connectivity, our 4G option - the 4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker - is sure to impress and meet your GPS tracking needs.

How long does a battery last in a GPS tracker?

How long the battery of a GPS tracker for car will last depends on how it’s used - one example is if you’re using a portable GPS tracker that auto-switches to standby power saving mode. These GPS Locators will use far less power than the same GPS tracker that’s tracking a constantly used vehicle.

The advantage of a hardwired GPS tracker is that the device is hardwired into your vehicle's engine, you don't need to worry about portable batteries or charging. You'll never be caught in a situation of needing to track a vehicle only to realise that the GPS battery has run out of charge!

If you’re requiring a portable GPS tracker for car, our GPS locators are designed with optimum battery life in mind. In our portable options, the Portable Magnetic Slim 3G GPS tracker, for example, has a long battery life with 80 days of standby and 30 days of constant tracking possible from one charge.

How do I choose the right car GPS tracker?

Whether you’re looking to track a car, motorbike, boat, horse float or other vehicle, our range of car GPS trackers has something for every need and budget.

Our knowledgeable customer service team is well-versed on all things tech, so if you have any questions about how to set up and install your GPS tracker or if you need help choosing the right GPS locator option for you, please contact us. We are happy to help!