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      Small GPS Tracker

      A small GPS tracker is one of the best devices you can get if you want to track your movable assets or family members conveniently. It can be really worrisome to think of the safety of your family and vehicle when you are away from home. Having to call the people you left at home for constant updates is a real hassle too. 

      A tracking device can solve your problem in an instant as you can easily locate your child or pet when you have mini GPS trackers to track their location via phone. To use GPS for tracking vehicles, you can install a car tracking device in your car for added security in case of a car theft attempt. Some GPS device trackers will send you alerts so you can respond to emergencies promptly too. 

      The Spy Store has a wide selection of location tracking devices including a small GPS tracker, GPS tracker chip for your car, GPS keyring tracker, micro GPS tracking chip, and other personal tracking devices. You can also buy other spy gadgets such as a mini spy camera, outdoor camera, voice recorders, personal alarms, and bug detectors. The small tracking devices at The Spy Store are designed with advanced technology and special features such as security tracking, geofencing, emergency buttons, accuracy analytics, and many more to provide you with the best experience possible. 

      How does a small GPS tracker work?

      Before you buy a small GPS tracker or any tracking device for that matter, it is important to have a good understanding of how the technology works in the first place. That way, you can maximise the use of your tracker to its full potential. A GPS tracking device uses Global Positioning System technology to send data from the source – which is the tracking device attached to your vehicle or family member – to the receiver, which is typically your smartphone. The tracker sends signals to available satellites, which will then send the information to your receiving device. This provides you with high-accuracy tracking information even from miles away. 

      The Spy Store small GPS tracker comes with a free android app where you can receive tracking analytics from your tracking device, configure the settings, and download critical information as needed. Historical data can also be stored on most of our GPS trackers for up to three months so you can retrieve them at any time. 

      What are the applications of a GPS tracker?

      There are many good uses for a small GPS tracker, and below are some of the best real-life applications of them: 

      Stolen vehicle recovery

      In the unfortunate case that your vehicle gets stolen, you can use your app to track the exact location of your car so the authorities can help you recover it before it’s too late. The Spy Store designed its car GPS trackers to be small so crooks can’t find and dismount them easily. They are reliable during emergencies. 

      Safety of kids and pets 

      Small GPS trackers for people and animals are typically designed to be wearable to reduce the chances of losing them. You can ensure the safety of your kids and pets, even when you are away since you can monitor them through the trackers. The Spy Store’s tracking devices are equipped with geofencing technology that sends you alerts when the wearers of the trackers go out of your specified zone. 

      Security of moving assets 

      A small GPS tracker is not only good for personal use; it is also useful for monitoring the whereabouts of your business assets – like equipment and even workers – so you can make more strategic business decisions in optimising your operations, inventory-keeping, and other essential processes. 

      How to set up a GPS tracker?

      The installation process of your GPS tracker depends on the design of the tracker model. Some car GPS trackers, for example, can be adhered to your vehicle using industrial-grade adhesives, magnets, or hardwired into the internal automotive system. As for people and pets, they are typically designed to be wearable and come in the form of watches, keychains, or collars. Depending on the model you got, install them into the vehicle or person you intend to track accordingly. 

      The Spy Store tracking gadgets come with a free mobile app where you can set up your device remotely. Through the app, you can configure the settings of your tracker, navigate through the special features, receive notifications and alerts, and many more. We have all kinds of certified top-quality GPS trackers in our collection, and they are all equipped with long battery life, accurate locating tracking via GPS and 4G networks, water resistance, good data storage capacity, and many other special features. If the size of the small GPS tracker you are buying matters the most to you, don’t worry because our trackers come with tiny dimensions and are lightweight so you can set up the devices without hassle. 

      All our innovative spy gadgets come with free lifetime support to guarantee that you get the best use out of your device for a long time. You can call our service-minded expert technicians for queries, complaints, and assistance requests in setting up your device. We will guide you through all the functions and features of your device without making you feel overwhelmed with the technicalities as we will explain them to you in simple terms. 

      Premium-quality spy gadgets and top-notch customer service – only at The Spy Store will you get such an unparalleled shopping experience. Buy your small GPS tracker from us now and care for your family and assets the right way!