Mini Cameras

      Hidden Camera AC Adapter
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      • An AC Adapter with an unsuspecting hidden camera twist
      • Monitor remotely or capture moments to an SD card via Motion Detection
      • No Giveaways: No light or sound indicators on the device
      • 15° Upward Tilt Camera to enhanced positioning
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      DIY Micro Hidden Camera
      • Basic DIY Design
      • Record Live In-App or to SD Card (Expandable up to 32GB)
      • 1080p HD Video
      • 90° Degree Lens
      DIY Pinhole Hidden Camera
      • Improved DIY Design
      • Record Live In-App or to SD Card (Expandable up to 128GB)
      • 1080p HD Video
      • 90° Degree Lens
      Power Bank with Hidden HD Camera and Mic - Portable Fast Charging
      • 10,000mAh 18W powerbank with covert surveillance camera inside
      • Record live in-app to the cloud or inserted SD Card (up to 64GB)
      • 26h Continuous Recording or 20h on Night Vision
      • Motion-Activated Recording On-The-Go
      • 8M Infrared Night Vision for recording in dark conditions
      Smart Clock Alarm HD Hidden Camera with Radio Speaker
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      • Top Selling Multi-Functional Clock
      • Record Live In-App or to SD Card (Expandable up to 128GB)
      • Motion Detection Recording to SD Card
      • Two-Way Audio
      • Optional AC Powering for 24/7 Access
      Wireless Wi-Fi Endoscope Camera For iOS & Android
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      • Flexible 5M Cable
      • Live View In-App
      • IP68 Water Resistance
      • Excellent for Plumbers
      HD Portable Video Pen Camera
      • Works as both a functional pen and surviellance device
      • Designed for portability and ease of use with one-button activation
      • 1080P Continuous Recording
      DIY Pinhole Module Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision and Ultra Long Battery Life
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      • Premium DIY Design
      • 5M Night Vision
      • Motion Detection Alerts
      • Record Live In-App or to SD Card (Expandable up to 64GB)
      • 110° Wide-Angle Lens
      Wireless Charger Camera Clock
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      • Functional Digital Alarm Clock
      • Charge any QI-Enabled Phone
      • Record Live In-App or to SD Card (Expandable up to 64GB)
      • Recharge Devices via USB
      LawMate® PV-RC200HDW WiFi Enabled Key Fob Spy Camera
      • Portable & Discreet Design
      • Live View In-App
      • 1080p HD Video
      • 1 Hour Continuous Use
      LawMate® PV-RC200HD2(KR) Key Fob Camera
      • Premium Compact Design
      • 1080p HD Video
      • 1 Hour Continuous Use
      • Record direct to SD (Expandable up to 32GB)
      Modern Wall Clock - With Wi-Fi 1080p HD Camera and Motion Detection
      • Mount Anywhere, View from Anywhere
      • 6-Hour Continuous Recording
      • Motion Detection Settings
      • 5M Night Vision
      • Optional AC Powering for 24/7 Access
      USB Mini Camera Audio Recorder 10hrs Battery Use
      • Portable & Wearable
      • 720p HD Video
      • Motion Detection Recording
      • Automatically Saves Recordings
      Hidden Camera AC Adapter with Night Vision and Adjustable Lens Angle
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      • Fully Functional 10W USB-C Charging Port
      • Record Live in-app to the cloud or inserted SD Card (up to 128GB)
      • 30° Physical Camera Tilt and 110° Viewing Angle
      • Infrared Night Vision Up to 8m in low light conditions
      • Discreet Profile - No Light, Sounds or Other Giveaways
      Mini Cube HD Hidden Wi-Fi Camera
      • 1080P HD Video with In-App Recording
      • Designed to be one of the smallest devices on the market
      • 1 Hour Continuous Use
      • Insert up to an 32GB SD Card for local storage
      Flexible Gooseneck Camera | Full HD
      • Look into inaccessible areas
      • View Live 1080p HD Footage via the Free App
      • 24 Hours of Continuous Recording
      • 10cm of durable yet flexible gooseneck
      • 90° Wide-Angle Lens with 360° of manual rotation

      Mini Camera

      Get yourself a mini camera to take with you on the go or monitor happenings at home when you’re away. Have you ever been in a situation where you wish your eyes could just record moments as they happen so you don’t have to take out your phone? Mini wireless spy cameras are an ideal substitute for such a need. Because a mini spy camera is compact and portable, it can easily be hidden in your shirt pocket or in between your buttons so no one else has to know that you are recording except you. A mini camera may be the perfect spy camera, but it can also be used for other recording needs that don’t necessarily have to be discreet such as keeping an eye on your pet or family when you aren’t home. 

      The Spy Store is the one-stop online shop for all innovative spy gadgets. We offer products such as an outdoor camera, a camera for spy, a vehicle GPS tracker, and a gamut of outdoor wireless cameras. You’ll also find your perfect match here if you’ve been searching for ‘dog GPS tracker Australia’. 

      How to choose the best mini camera?

      Getting a mini camera for yourself and your family at home is a good idea, but the real challenge is deciding on which one suits your needs best. Here are the top factors to consider when buying a camera: 

      Camera quality 

      The purpose of recording a video is defeated if you can’t clearly see what’s in the video. Choose a camera that has high-quality specs so you can record a clear video that captures the image of your subject precisely. The Spy Store’s high-quality hidden security cameras are designed with HD lenses in high megapixels, and some have wide-angle lenses for a near-panoramic view. 

      Memory storage 

      Another indicator of a good mini camera is its high storage capacity. Not only should your camera be able to take quality images and recordings, but it should be able to hold data efficiently too. Most of the spy camera products of The Spy Store can support up to 128GB of storage to record continuously for multiple days. 

      Special functions 

      While the basic functions of recording spy cameras should be your main considerations when buying one, getting additional features along with your spy camera is great too. The Spy Store, for example, equips its cameras with functions like night vision, motion sensor, remote viewing via Wi-Fi, and more. 

      What are the benefits of a mini camera?

      Hidden surveillance cameras are a great investment for anyone who loves to travel, has babies or pets, or just wants to monitor their home when they’re away. Here are the top advantages a mini camera can offer you: 

      Portability and convenience of use 

      What sets a mini camera apart from other types of cameras is its size. It is easy to set up regardless of whether you have hidden cameras for house or surveillance cameras for outdoor activities. There are many options for mini cameras available at The Spy Store that all come in compact sizes. 

      Safety of person recording 

      Mini cameras can be life-saving devices for recording abuse, crime, discreet conversations, and collecting solid evidence to be used in court. Since these devices are easy to integrate into the environment, it protects the user from getting caught that could have endangered their life. 

      Remote monitoring 

      Most spy cameras can be connected to bigger devices for viewing. This allows you to keep your distance while recording, which is useful for monitoring wildlife, pets, and other subjects that get scared away easily. The Spy Store’s spy camera wireless collection supports Wi-Fi connection via hotspot to check recordings on your phone and enable remote viewing or playback. 

      How to set up a mini camera?

      When you buy a mini camera, it typically comes with an instruction manual that you can follow step by step to set up your new device. In the guide, you should find all the information you need to operate your new camera efficiently such as its specifications, special functions, and how to connect it to other devices wirelessly as well as steps to troubleshoot it in case of technical issues. 

      At The Spy Store, shopping for our range of small cameras and other recording equipment is easy thanks to the user-friendly interface of our website. You can also download a copy of the user manual for your device in case you lose your physical copy. Our friendly and service-minded team is on standby to provide you with support if you need help in setting up your device. Each of our products comes with lifetime support so you can ask us any question you have about your mini camera, or any The Spy Store gadget for that matter, at any time. Our goal is to make sure you get help from real experts without feeling overwhelmed with information or looked down upon. Here at The Spy Store, we aim for every customer to maximise the use of their devices by explaining how something works patiently in simple, plain language. You can also enjoy a 14-day moneyback guarantee on our exclusive mini cameras to ensure that you are no less than happy and satisfied with our products. 

      Shop at The Spy Store now for all your surveillance needs whether at home, in the office, outdoors, or on the go! Enjoy our one-year warranty and free shipping anywhere in Australia for a minimum purchase!