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A car GPS, as its name suggests, uses a Global Positioning System to track your car’s location. In simpler terms, it can locate your car, giving you directions whether it is on the move or parked. As technology has evolved over the years, we have become accustomed to using GPS daily due to its ubiquitous nature. Having a car GPS is now a must-have due to the myriad of features it offers, giving you peace of mind when locating your vehicle.

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What factors should I consider before choosing a GPS tracker for my car?

Whether you want to use a car GPS to track your teenager’s or driver’s driving habits, protect yourself against criminal activity, or manage a fleet of vehicles, you should consider your specific situation before purchasing one. Once you have decided the purpose of your car GPS system, the other factors you should consider are the following:

  • Connection. Your car GPS requires a means to connect to the Global Positioning System. 3G is fairly common, and for most users, it should be functional enough for what you might need it for. In addition, the available 4G technology can improve the speed and quantity of data transmission and future-proof your car against changing technology standards.
  • Battery life. A good car GPS must have a long battery life to withstand any situation. While hardwired trackers solve the issue of needing a battery as they connect to the car’s internal power system, it will help if you recognise how long your car GPS device will last. 
  • Tracking software. It is integral for your car GPS to include software that allows you to see where your tracker is at all times through a web service or free smartphone application. Some GPS in cars even have the capability to send you SMS or push notifications, allowing you to receive up-to-the-minute information. Buy GPS for car that has a lifetime free subscription to the tracking software or app to save you from expenses.
  • Accessories. When purchasing a GPS tracker, look at its accessories and gear and be certain it is the complete package. It should come with a charging cable and a means for attachment to the car.

Like purchasing any spy gadget or GPS on car, remember to always look back at your situation and decide from there. At The Spy Store, we don’t waste your time with inferior brands that will break easily; we understand that a car GPS is supposed to give you a secure feeling rather than something else to worry about.

How to install a GPS tracker in a car?

Installing GPS units for cars is highly dependent on the model you own. Hardwired GPS models may require you to head down to the garage and request assistance from a mechanic to install as they have components that connect to the car’s internals. Portable ones, by contrast, are easy to install. The portable or wireless car GPS on sale at The Spy Store features a magnet to secure the device to your car. This not only makes the device easily attachable but also allows you to move the GPS in car to your other automobile if you need to track the movement of that vehicle instead.

While installing hardwired trackers can be more difficult, some benefits come with selecting this type. If you don’t plan on moving around your car GPS, hardwired car tracking devices usually have a more reliable power connection and provide greater security features.

What are the benefits of installing a GPS tracker in a car?

While the GPS system was mainly used for fleets and satellite navigation for cars, now car GPS systems can be used in any type of business and household to monitor vehicles and staff and streamline daily operations and add to the overall safety of your automobile investment. Here are some of the benefits of installing a navigation GPS in your car or utilising it in your business.

If your car is stolen, towed, or moved, you will immediately be notified and able to use a navigator to track where it is. Some of the car GPS systems available at The Spy Store also feature geo-fences, which can notify you if your vehicle leaves a certain area. Generally, knowing where your car is can give you some security and will aid you during untoward incidents such as theft.

If you are a business owner who utilises a lot of automobiles, having GPS systems can save you time and money on paperwork and insurance costs. For example, if you run a courier business, you can use a digital billing method as you can automatically keep track of the locations, break times, and distance travelled by the vehicle. Additionally, having a GPS system lowers insurance premiums and ultimately reduces costs.

Before you use any of our car GPS systems in your business though, we suggest informing your employees about privacy and monitoring. While GPS tracking is not prohibited in Australia, installing such a device without a person’s consent can be illegal. Make sure you are following the Privacy Act, Fair Work Regulations, and Surveillance Devices Act in your state or region.

At The Spy Store, whatever you are looking to track, our range of GPS for tracking vehicles systems has something for every need and budget. If you have any questions about installing or setting up your GPS tracker or if you need help choosing the right GPS locator, feel free to contact us. We also offer a warranty for all our items, as well as quick and easy delivery options through Australia Post. We are happy to help with all your car GPS needs!