Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras

      4G 1080p IP Security Camera With 20x Optical Zoom
      • Secure and monitor your property with the highest clarity
      • Tilt, Pan and Zoom with 355ø horizontal and 120ø vertical control
      • x20 Optical Zoom, see everything without losing any quality
      • 100M of Night Vision
      • Setup with a LAN Connection and enable 4G to never miss a second
      4G 1080p IP Security Camera With 10x Optical Zoom
      • Secure and monitor your property with enhanced zoom clarity
      • Tilt, Pan and Zoom with 355ø horizontal and 120ø vertical control
      • x10 Optical Zoom, enhance distant visuals without losing quality
      • 60M of Night Vision
      • Setup with a LAN Connection and enable 4G to never miss a second
      4K Black Flash Trail Camera For Wildlife Monitoring
      • The ideal offline, outdoor recording solution
      • Power by AC Adapter or 8 AA batteries for months of standby use
      • Detects motion and records for the set duration to your SD Card
      • Impressive 4K resolution and 120ø wide-angle lens
      • IP66 Waterproof
      Solar Smart Bird Feeder with Live Camera and Night Vision
      • 1080P Live Bird Watching via Mobile
      • Motion Detection Sensor & Mobile Alerts
      • Identify Birds via Smart Camera on Wikipedia!
      • Night Vision, Low-Power Consumption & More...
      4K Night Vision Binoculars with Large Screen & Rechargeable Lithium Battery (Black & White NV)
      • 4K HD Video in Black & White, Day & Night Recording
      • Large 3'' HD Display
      • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
      • 5X Digital Zoom
      4K Handheld Night Vision Monocular with 5X Zoom and Rechargeable Battery
      • 850NM Night Vision Technology
      • Versatile and Portable
      • Max 4K Video, 36MP Photo Resolution
      • Supports up to 128GB SD Cards
      4K Night Vision Binoculars with Long Viewing Distance & Rechargeable Lithium Battery (Full Color NV)
      • 4K HD Video in Full Colour, Day & Night Recording
      • Large 3'' HD Display
      • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
      • 5X Digital Zoom
      HD 1080P Wireless Hidden Wall-mounted Hidden Camera with PIR Sensor
      • Crisp 1080p HD Video & Audio Recording
      • 2-Way Communication - Speak Through The Camera!
      • Customise Your Motion-Activated Recording
      • 1-Year Standby Time Battery

      Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras

      Install outdoor wireless security cameras on the perimeters of your home for an added layer of security. Installing an outdoor camera is not the easiest task because there may only be a few power outlets outdoors. With that, you won’t have too many options on where to set up your outdoor security camera. When you buy security cameras, know that you don’t have to settle for traditional wired outdoor surveillance cameras anymore – a wireless outdoor CCTV system is the optimal choice nowadays. 

      With wireless home security cameras outdoors, you can set up your surveillance system as you are not limited by the availability of power outlets anymore. Shop security cameras with batteries rechargeable via solar power, are connectable via WiFi, and configurable through smart technology such as Google Assistant or Alexa for your utmost convenience and security. You can find these and more at The Spy Store. 

      Ensuring that you install reliable outdoor wireless security cameras is vital; don’t just buy any outdoor camera that will break down when you need it the most. To increase your chances of buying the right camera for you, read on to find out more about the different kinds of security cameras, the benefits of having them, and how to use them. 

      How often do I need to replace the batteries for outdoor wireless security cameras?

      One of the most vital components of a security camera is its battery. You need to make sure that your camera is always fully charged so it won’t go off right when an important event needs to be caught on camera. Check the battery status of your cameras from time to time; this is usually displayed on the screen for your convenience. Change the batteries when you see that it is starting to drain or recharge if your camera has rechargeable batteries. 

      The advantage of The Spy Store outdoor wireless security cameras is that they are solar-powered. Our 4G 1080p IP Security Camera, for example, offers two power options: solar power or a built-in lithium-ion battery. This enables you to install it anywhere you want, even when there is no power outlet nearby. We also have a Solar Powered Garden Light with an Inbuilt 1080P Full HD Security Camera that is discreetly disguised as a regular garden light so crooks can’t spot it easily. Solar security camera options eliminate the need for you to frequently change the batteries since they are rechargeable, and they automatically recharge when exposed to sunlight as well. 

      What is the difference between IP security cameras and analogue security cameras?

      For a long time, analogue security cameras were used both indoors and outdoors for surveillance. However, they almost always resulted in blurry and grainy images making it difficult and sometimes impossible to identify crooks even if they were actually caught on camera. Analogue CCTV security cameras are considered an outdated technology when compared to IP security cameras. IP cameras are digital cameras so they offer a much better picture quality. Footage quality is the major difference between IP and analogue cameras because even though the signal from the analogue can convert to digital when it records to a DVR, the footage will still be blurrier than that of IP, which is a completely digital camera.

      The Spy Store sells a 1080p IP security camera complete with up to 10 times optical zoom function that allows you to catch details better than other cameras. It is also built to withstand weather and offers special features such as a 60-meter night vision coverage, adjustable motion detection, and push notifications to your phone. It comes with a free app, so you can configure its setting conveniently via iOS or Android devices. All our outdoor wireless security cameras also include user manuals so you can ensure to install them accurately. 

      At The Spy Store, you can browse an extensive range of other innovative spy gadgets, including premium outdoor wireless security cameras, with unique features you’ll hardly find elsewhere. Our outdoor wireless security cameras also use the latest technology to keep disruptions at a minimum, and their storage can be upgraded, so you get more data storage space to secure your recordings. We have 4K WiFi security camera options, choices for security camera 1080p resolution, weatherproof security camera variants, and solar-powered external security cameras to suit your outdoor surveillance camera needs too. 

      Should you need gadgets for spying, we have options for a tiny camera or mini camera as well. Our mini security camera is portable and easy to use making it among the most convenient and smallest security camera available on the internet. All our products proudly come with lifetime support, so you can call our friendly experts any time you need assistance with the cameras. Our technicians will detail an informative explanation regarding your query in an easy-to-comprehend manner and warm tone that lets you feel welcome to come to us whenever you need our help. On top of that, we offer a moneyback guarantee to assure you that you get nothing but only the finest quality gadgets from our store. 

      Only at The Spy Store can you get innovative, high-quality outdoor wireless security cameras and spy gadgets at great prices and even better customer service. Shop now at The Spy Store!