Surveillance Cameras

      Flexible Gooseneck Camera | Full HD
      • Look into inaccessible areas
      • View Live 1080p HD Footage via the Free App
      • 24 Hours of Continuous Recording
      • 10cm of durable yet flexible gooseneck
      • 90° Wide-Angle Lens with 360° of manual rotation
      4K UHD Car Key Remote Spy Camera
      • An effective invisible camera hides inside this real looking key fob
      • Up to 4K resolution or 120 FPS
      • 90 Minutes of Continuous Recording
      • Simple button-based recording to SD Card (Up to 128GB)
      Mini Blackbox Covert Video & Audio WiFi Hidden Camera
      • Flat and compact design with in-built magnet for mounting
      • 110° Wide-Angle Lens
      • View Live In-App or to SD Card (Expandable up to 64GB)
      • Includes adjustable magnetic stand for improved positioning
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      Pet and Home Surveillance Camera with Laser Pointer
      • Interact with your Pet from Anywhere
      • Two-way Audio
      • Remote Control Laser
      • Motion Detection Alerts
      Mini Wireless Covert Camera with Night Vision
      • Compact design for discreet placement
      • 90° Wide-Angle Lens
      • View Live In-App or to SD Card (Expandable up to 64GB)
      • Includes adjustable magnetic stand for improved positioning
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      4K Night Vision Binoculars with Long Viewing Distance & Rechargeable Lithium Battery (Full Color NV)
      • 4K HD Video in Full Colour, Day & Night Recording
      • Large 3'' HD Display
      • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
      • 5X Digital Zoom
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      Surveillance Camera

      With the endless news about home break-ins and theft today, it’s not surprising why many people are looking for a reliable surveillance camera for their property. A home surveillance camera can provide you with peace of mind as you can have another watchful pair of eyes on your house or loved ones even when you’re not present. There are all sorts of surveillance video cameras that you can choose from, such as security cameras with apps, wired security cameras, wireless surveillance cameras for home, WiFi camera surveillance devices, security cameras with recording, and many more. 

      Having a multitude of surveillance camera options is a good thing as you can ensure to get one that suits your needs best. However, it can also be overwhelming to choose which of the security camera shops you should buy from. The Spy Store is the one-stop CCTV camera shop and spy gadget store you can trust. 

      But before you proceed to buy one, first, you should make sure if it is legal to use surveillance cameras where you live and if you should worry about invasion of privacy issues. 

      Is it legal to install a surveillance camera at home?

      Getting a surveillance camera for your home is a good idea; however, many people can’t shake off the worry that it might interfere with specific Australian laws. Surveillance devices could come in the form of a data surveillance device, a listening device, an optical surveillance device, or a tracking device – a surveillance camera falls under the optical surveillance device category. The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) of Australia doesn’t cover security cameras installed in residential properties, which means it is legal to install a surveillance camera at home. However, if your camera is pointed in a direction that captures your neighbours’ properties, you might get disputes regarding privacy issues. Installing a spy camera in the bathroom to film a guest unknowingly, for example, would be a criminal offence. Simply put, it’s not illegal to install a security camera at home as long as it doesn’t breach the privacy rights of other people, including your neighbours and visitors to your home. 

      The Spy Store expert team is dedicated to ensuring you get the best experience possible out of your home CCTV camera. We offer lifetime support on all our devices, so you can reach out to our staff whenever you have queries, such as how to install your camera correctly and safely without breaching local laws. Camera specifications are detailed on our website so you can see if the dimensions, features, and other functions of the device suit your needs. 

      Can surveillance cameras be considered an invasion of privacy?

      Surveillance cameras are not considered an invasion of privacy if the people captured by the device in its recording functions are aware that they are under surveillance. Even when security cameras are installed inside a private property, the owner must let guests and visitors know that surveillance is undertaken as well as the extent of the surveillance. Placing signs that indicate surveillance is underway on your property can help you inform people who are visiting your home about your surveillance cameras so you can avoid issues regarding the invasion of privacy. 

      At The Spy Store, you will find all sorts of surveillance cameras and other gadgets that you can buy for home and vehicle use. Before making a purchase, you can ask our customer service team if there are any limitations regarding the use of the specific device you plan to buy. Our friendly staff will explain to you all the uses and limitations of your device without talking down to you, so you always feel welcome to ask us anything, be it before or after you buy from us. 

      We offer a range of monitoring cameras in different sizes and functions. If you want portable surveillance for your home, you can opt for our mini spy camera. Meanwhile, our outdoor camera is durable and reliable enough to record happenings on the exterior of your property. Our surveillance cameras don’t simply take video recordings of the ongoings on your property; they also offer innovative features like voice recording, two-way audio, motion detection, and night vision. Choose your surveillance camera according to your desired size, function, and special features. 

      Aside from indoor and outdoor security cameras, we are also known for our tracking device collection. We offer mini GPS trackers, GPS for tracking vehicles or a car tracking device, and other forms of a GPS device tracker. Our spy gadgets are not only ideal for residential properties and vehicles either; they can help keep commercial properties safe as well. 

      We are dedicated to providing you with expert advice on every product you buy from us. You can consult our expert technicians any time you need to ask about the product installation procedure or some settings you can’t get right on your own. Our staff will accommodate your concerns warmly with easy-to-understand yet highly informative explanations. Our lines are open for you whenever you need our assistance. 

      The Spy Store ensures only top quality in all our devices, so we offer a moneyback guarantee on almost all our products. Shop now to get free shipping if you reach the minimum purchase requirement!