Smart Watch for Kids

      Kids Water Resistant GPS Smart Watch - Black
      • See your child’s location in real-time
      • Allow approved contacts to call and text
      • Set up alerts to be notified if your child exits safe zones
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      Kids Water Resistant GPS Smart Watch - Blue
      • See your child’s location in real-time
      • Allow approved contacts to call and text
      • Set up alerts to be notified if your child exits safe zones

      Smart Watch for Kids

      The Spy Store boasts an extensive selection of consumer-grade and law enforcement-grade surveillance equipment and accessories to help you keep your family safe. Take a look at our entire collection to find a suitable smart watch for kids that can introduce your children to the wonders of technology.

      At what age should I consider getting my kid a smartwatch?

      You can get your child a smart watch for kids as early as the age of five since it is seen as a safer alternative to a smartphone and has basic functions that children can use. It lets you keep track and contact your youngster using modern technology without exposing them to the dangers of the internet, making it suitable for those who still require parental supervision when surfing the web. The lack of internet connectivity also allows them more freedom while bringing you the peace of mind you desire. 

      What are the pros and cons of buying a smart watch for kids?

      The most significant benefit of getting a smart watch for kids is that it lets your children learn about technology through an intuitive display on their wrist. They can send and read text messages or make and answer calls from a preset contact list, preventing them from interacting with the wrong people or receiving inappropriate content. 

      It is also worth noting that a smart watch for kids is much more affordable than a smartphone, making it an inexpensive introduction to technology for your young ones. The wearable nature of a kids’ smart watch also makes it less likely for your child to lose it while engaging in play. It gives your children a sense of freedom as they move around and reduces some of the stress that comes with parenting through its innovative tracking features. 

      There are barely any disadvantages to buying a smart watch for kids, but you should keep in mind that you still need to exercise supervision over their usage of the device so that it does not become a distraction. You should opt for a children’s smart watch that lets you set time restrictions so that your children can focus on doing homework rather than texting their friends. 

      The Spy Store has a smart watch for kids that boasts a pedometer and a digital clock to provide extensive functionality without the risk of your child getting caught up in social media. It comes in vibrant black or pink that your kids are going to want to wear and is completely waterproof so that your youngster can play in any condition without worry.

      What features should I look for in smart watches for children?

      The smart watches for kids on the market have different features to address the unique requirements of children and parents, but you must consider these factors when searching for a suitable model: 


      The ideal kids’ safety watch lets you set up custom geofences and notify you instantly when your child leaves and enters the safe zone so that you can locate them right away. 

      Live tracking

      The latest smart watches available today enable you to track the current location of your child so that you can carry on with your daily activities while keeping tabs on their whereabouts. 

      Two-way communication

      A tracker watch for kids with two-way communication technology makes it possible to speak with your child whenever you want. This feature also lets your youngster call you or another contact if they need assistance.

      Software support

      It is best to get a smart watch that boasts comprehensive software support to let you take advantage of features like geofencing and live tracking through an application on your computer or mobile device.

      The Spy Store has smart watches for kids that include all the essential features plus long-lasting batteries (battery life of one to two days) to ensure your peace of mind. These kids’ smart watches also support fast charging to guarantee they have enough power when you or your child need them most. 

      If you need assistance choosing suitable tracking watches for kids or other security equipment, contact our knowledgeable support team for sound technical advice. You can pick up the phone anytime and speak to a real person who has a deep understanding of the matter. You should also visit our comprehensive blog to find a list of resources and videos to assist you in making the right purchasing decision. We neatly organise the content by product category to find the relevant topics easily. 

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