How to Maximise Security Cameras for Your Business

Many Australian businesses don't have the right security systems in place. To prevent employee theft, create a safer workplace and reduce insurance costs learn how to maximise your security cameras here.


28th September 2019

Security cameras are a valuable visual deterrent to prevent damage and break-ins.   

For many people, these systems have become a core element of smart homes to enable surveillance of the entire property. But what about protection for your business?

Theft, shoplifting, vandalism, fraud and assault are the biggest crimes. They cost Australian business owners $170m each year. Fortunately, video surveillance can discourage criminal activities, provide extra security and invaluable evidence to assist police.

To burglar-proof your business and protect the premises, its contents, staff and customers, invest in a security camera system and maximise security and safety with these tips.

Do You Have the Right Systems in Place?

Many Australian businesses don’t have the right security measures in place.

The rise in employee theft alone proves this, with staff responsible for 70% of theft and fraud. Security cameras are the best solution for monitoring staff because they act as a reminder there’s a system in place to prevent theft.  

Business surveillance and security cameras are also important for creating a safer workplace. Criminals will often avoid break-ins if they’re likely to attract attention. Options such as cameras, alarm systems and motion detection lighting are viable ways to put them off.

Criteria Check

Choose appropriate security cameras designed for the intended purpose. Don’t get caught up in cameras with pan tilt zooms if you only need to monitor a small storage room.


  • How many cameras you’ll need
  • Indoor vs outdoor
  • Wireless vs wired
  • Motion sensor activation vs 24/7 recording
  • Video quality
  • Storage and footage resolution
  • Security camera design features – read our buyer’s guide for more information
  • Monitoring and camera feed access

Install in Smart Locations

For the best use of your security cameras, they must be placed in smart locations.

First, determine the problem(s) you want to solve. If it’s to increase safety and security, installing cameras in secluded areas (parking lots, back alleys) and entrance/exit points can offer protection and provide evidence in the event of a crime. Visitors, invited or not, are made aware they’re being observed the moment they step into your business.

If your intention is to reduce or monitor theft and stock control, position cameras in warehouses, office supply or storerooms, shop fronts or reception area, loading docks and cash-handling areas.

Tip: Did you know you must consider local privacy rules if you have video surveillance in your workplace? Check privacy and surveillance laws for all Australian states and consider your intent of use.

Increase Surveillance with Lighting

Areas under surveillance should have consistent and sufficient lighting for cameras to pick up details. Additionally, invest in high-quality night vision features. 

Consider sensor lighting which activates upon movement and keep parking spots and other secluded areas well-illuminated.

Eliminate Hiding or Climbing Areas

Use landscaping to coincide with your security plan.

By keeping trees and bushes trimmed, you eliminate potential hiding spots or climbing opportunities for criminals. Maintain the ones that matter – climbable trees near security cameras and shrubs or trees near doors and windows. Look for any opportunity to reduce concealment and increase visibility around your business.

Tip: This may include moving climbable objects such as skip bins and boxes.

Post Warning Signs in Strategic Positions

Let criminals know the area is being watched.   

Maximise security cameras by positioning warning signs around your business to warn of surveillance.

Burglars usually think twice before breaking into a home office or business when they see security cameras protecting it. Likewise, staff are less likely to steal if they know risk areas are being monitored.

If you own a business it’s important you have the right security cameras and plan in place. Contact us for more information about which one is right for your safety and security needs.

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