An Effortless Guide to Choosing and Using a Spy Camera

Remote Monitoring Camera

We all want to feel safe and protected with our loved ones wherever we are. And, there’s also the need to secure one’s business investments from theft.

You can achieve these objectives by using a spy camera.

Remotely viewing happenings through a spy camera means you’re able to take action when you spot an intrusion or an illegal activity.

These devices have different purposes and come in a wide range of designs.

We’ve come up with this handy guide to help you choose the right spy camera for your needs. Plus, we’ll also show you how to use spy cameras properly. 

What Are Hidden Cameras Used For?

A hidden camera has a myriad of purposes. These include:

  • Serving as part of your security system.
  • Monitoring young children, the elderly, and their caregivers to ensure their safety.
  • Capturing evidence of a crime and illegal activity for law enforcement. 
  • Monitoring employee activities in the workplace.
  • Gathering information about customer behavior in your business.

Types of Spy Cameras

These hidden spy devices come in many different designs, shapes, and sizes, but primarily they can be found under three main categories:

  • Nanny cam
  • Mini spy camera
  • Wearable spy camera

Let’s explore these further. 

Nanny Cams

You can use Nanny Cameras to monitor the activities of those who take care of children and senior citizens. These are the main type of spy device most people have in mind when talking about hidden cameras.

These are incorporated into everyday household objects like clocks, toys, and speakers. This, along with their small size, makes them undetectable under normal circumstances — meaning they’re the perfect hidden camera.

Many of these security cameras operate on IP camera protocols, enabling employers to view live interactions between their nannies and loved ones on Wi-Fi enabled devices.

You can also view the visuals at a later time through the storage on the video recorder.

That said, many state laws demand that employers inform their caregivers about the security cameras present. This is to conform to privacy laws that outlaw filming people without their consent.

Some residential properties incorporate nanny cams into their home security as part of their smart home protocol. Nurseries and retirement homes also make use of them so their clients can monitor their loved ones using the IP camera model.

Many businesses and individuals use these as monitoring devices for security and for investigative purposes, as they work so well for hidden spy functions.

These cameras are also used during the filming of many reality shows. 

Mini Spy Camera

Wireless Wi-Fi Endoscope Camera For iOS & Android
Wireless Wi-Fi Endoscope Camera

Due to their small size, many hidden and hard to reach locations can host these miniature devices.

For example, you can hide them among household furniture and walls, making them difficult to spot. Some of these include the endoscope camera and pinhole camera.

One of this mini spy camera’s functions is its ability to investigate hard to reach areas, holes, cracks, pipes, and underwater environments.

Their flexibility makes them useful as security cameras, plus, a mobile app will enable you to view the visuals remotely as long as your device is internet enabled.

Many plumbing and home repair companies use LawMate® Spy Camera Smart Watch

These devices come with clothing and fashion accessories. Watches, buttons, and caps are examples of items that can incorporate a wearable hidden camera.

They are useful for investigative purposes and evidence gathering.

The miniature size of a wearable spy camera enables them to be kept out of sight.

Mystery shoppers, investigative journalists, and law enforcement agents are among the biggest users of this spy device.

Fun-Fact: Body cameras worn by the police are in this category.

Choosing a Spy Camera

Cheerful couple making online purchases
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With the array of cameras available, knowing which one best suits your needs is vital. To help, we’ve listed some factors to look at while shopping. 


The purpose of the hidden camera should be considered during purchase. Their design, structure, and functionality should be a guide in this factor, as different devices will be appropriate for different tasks.

For example, a wearable device, like the LawMate PV-WT10 Spy Camera Smart Watch, would be useful for investigative purposes. On the other hand, for monitoring employee activities, a nanny cam like the 1080P HD Wi-Fi Camera Clock would be most appropriate.  

Video Quality

security camera footage
Source: Flickr

Video resolution is another important factor when deciding on a camera. This aspect is measured in the number of pixels in the picture — a higher number of pixels means higher video resolution, and, by extension, better video quality.

You can test the video quality by zooming into the picture to view obscure details. A high number of pixels will enable you to see these little details clearly.

A good example of a camera with high definition video quality is the Infra red Fox eyes in the garden
Source: Flickr

A good camera should be able to produce high-quality visuals at night. This aspect is very important, as most break-ins and burglaries happen during this time.

Infrared technology enables the production of high-quality visuals even in the darkest conditions. It helps illuminate the environment, so the camera can more easily pick up the images it’s recording.

You can check a camera’s night vision capabilities through its lux rating. This measures the image quality a camera is able to produce at night or in the dark.

The lower the lux rating, the better the image quality of the camera at night.

The GF-H100 Smart Clock & HD Hidden Camera & Radio & Speaker has great night vision, as it can record up to eight meters in the dark. This makes it a good tool for security systems.

Power Supply  

Factoring how you will power your camera is necessary.

A portable camera is likely to be powered by batteries, while a static camera will be on the main power supply — though many of them are also powered by batteries.

For portable devices, you should look critically at the battery life. It can be inconvenient having to change batteries or recharge intermittently.

The HD Stereo Bluetooth Speaker with Wifi Hidden Camera can save you that stress with its 10-hour battery life. 

Data Storage

32 GB Micro SD Card & Adapter
32 GB Micro SD Card & Adapter

Consider your data needs when buying your camera.

Videos need a lot of storage space, so ensure you get a device with a large internal memory capacity, like the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built-In Security Camera.

It has an expandable SD card memory up to 128GB.  

Motion Activated

One way to extend the battery life on a static camera is by getting one that is motion-activated.

This means the camera only comes alive and records when it detects movement in the environment it's covering. Once movement stops, it reverts back to standby mode. This is a great way to preserve power on your spy device.

A camera you can rely on with this motion activation feature is the Awaretech ZIR32 Night Vision Spy Camera.

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