Spy Cameras: Night Vision and Other Must Have Features

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Are you in search of a security camera that intruders won’t notice right away? Do you want to buy quality spy cameras for your premises? 

You aren’t a secret agent, but at the same time, you desire a tool to help keep an eye on pets and kids even when you aren’t in their immediate environment. Something disguised and blended in household objects, allowing you to be super-unobtrusive.

Worldwide, spending on security and video surveillance technology is valued at over $52.45 billion, with trends expected to increase by 9.31% annually. CCTV systems are slowly fading away, given their wide usage and the possibility of leaving room for blind spots.

And this is why many home and business owners have turned to hidden cameras.

Today’s reading will help you understand key features worth considering to purchase a spy camera for all your sleuth activities.

But first:

What Makes an Ideal Security Camera?

4G Portable 1080p 4G Remote Monitoring Camera
4G Portable 1080p 4G Remote Monitoring Camera

Usually, ideal hidden cameras are small, portable, and easy to use. They easily camouflage with the environment and even embrace night vision; otherwise, the purpose of being a ‘spy’ will be defeated.

Spy cameras come in many categories and specifications. Their models and forms are also varied. For example, in terms of connection, there are wireless and wired types. Some look like plugs and alarm clocks. Also, you can get some that can be attached to wall clocks, books, and lamps.

Some common types include:

  • IP hidden cameras
  • Wireless and 4G Wireless
  • Hardwired

When deciding on a hidden camera, your buying choices should look deeply into the needs and situation of your premises. For example, have you installed smoke detectors? You could use a smoke detector hidden camera.

Other things to think about include storage space capabilities, location, power source, lens type, and whether it should come equipped with night vision.

Consider These Factors When Buying Hidden Cameras

You will need to factor in the following specifications before settling on the spy camera you want to purchase:

Lens Quality and Resolution

A camera’s resolution refers to the digital image size a camera produces. This is usually expressed in million pixels or “megapixels” recorded on a single image. For example, a camera that shoots 1,200 by 1,600 pixels produces an image resolution of 1.92 million pixels. It is then termed a 2.0 megapixel camera.

For years, security cameras have fallen behind video cameras in recording resolutions, with results showing choppy, pixelated video whose refresh rates are slow.

A more advanced camera will embed a video recorder for high-quality videos with accurate colours and a sharp resolution. You need at least 720p resolution and as high as 1080p if you’re considering activities such as audio recording and video quality when streaming.

This should match good power, stable connectivity, and display of true colours.

Power Source and Connection

A hardwired camera is the most reliable but also the most obvious. 

You can select a wired HD security camera for expansive premises, as long as the wiring is possible. However, it comes with visibility implications, as intruders may either be deterred or try to evade them.

On the other hand, wireless cameras are ideal for hard-to-reach spots as long as the transmitter and receiver can easily communicate via a clear line of sight. The most significant advantage is that they’re easier to hide.

The IP camera is another type that needs plugging in into a computer and can be used when hard drive visibility is not a sensitive issue.

The most advanced of all hidden cameras are the 4G type, whose only caveat is that it needs 4G coverage for optimal operation.

Many spy cameras are plugged into a standard outlet and can be located anywhere, as long as a cable exists to route power there.

Some spy cameras, however, are portable and self-contained. These commonly use the battery as a default power source. This increases the possibilities of use. The battery capacity is worth noting as well.

Lastly on this one: do you want to connect the spy camera to your smart phone? Many cameras can be extended to include a mobile app that allows for remote access.

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HD Stereo Bluetooth Speaker WiFi Hidden Camera

Motion Detection and Two-Way Audio

This feature will help you save storage space by pausing recording until something moves into the camera’s frame. A message is then sent to the computer or phone of any unexpected behaviour.

Audio sensing is another angle where the spy camera prompts video recording when sound is detected in the camera’s vicinity.

Two-way audio could up the game, where an audio system enables persons on both ends to communicate. This would be applied to a front-door scenario when one is knocking or informing an intruder that they’re being observed.

Purpose and Surrounding Context

You may want something wearable or an iPhone wireless charging dock, to keep an eye on nanny activities.

Foremost, your choice should be informed by how appropriate the spy camera will be to the task at hand.

If you are going to install the camera outdoors, whether at the entrance or next to a driveway, it needs to withstand harsh weather conditions and a wide range of lighting—from moonless nights to bright sunlight. All for clear images and accurate video footage.

A robust camera will therefore protect the actual lens from debris, dust, snow, and hailstorms.

Indoor installation needs something simpler without the weather challenges.

Spy Camera Night Vision

A night vision security camera is best suited for places with no ambient lighting, including dark corridors. This is a feature that many colour security cameras come with, which incorporates an infrared (IR) light.

IR is invisible to human eyes but still “floods” the shadowy area with sufficient light to take photos and videos. Therefore, thermal imaging is applied to detect tiny differences in thermal energy and transmit them through various shades of grey. Night vision is best used in total darkness.

Cameras of this nature tend to switch IR lights off when sufficient normal light is detected and turn it on when it gets dark. 

Memory and Storage Space

A spy camera is as effective as the record it keeps. It is essential to determine the amount of this data beforehand. Most cameras use SD cards to store data. A micro SD card size will normally range from 2GB to 128GB. Others come with internal memory for the same.

An important note is that the resolution of the video determines how fast the memory will fill.

Cost and Warranty

You will need to budget for a spy camera, whatever type you decide to buy. More features and quality means a bigger budget.

And like any other gadget, a spy camera has a warranty period. You will need a camera with a reasonable warranty time, ideally one year and more.

Secure Your Premises With Hidden Cameras

With these features outlined in mind, you can now head to our store for your ideal spy camera.

We have a stock full of hidden cameras that can be obtained online and accessed in stores throughout Australia.

If you want to enquire more on our products, our support representatives will be glad to field your questions and clarify any issues.

Plus, we fully match your spy needs to our friendly delivery options, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case you change your mind. All our products come with a one-year warranty.