Spy Cameras You Can Wear: The Latest Trends

Spy technology is no longer tech gear seen only in the movies. Wearable spy cameras have become part of the wearable tech trend for personal safety. Learn more here.


10th October 2019


Hidden spy glasses are no longer tech gear seen only in the movies.    

Today, they’re becoming common for safety and security; and they’re not the only option for wearable spy technology available.

Wearable electronics are a group of endpoint devices that are the human connection to the Internet of Things (IoT). Wearable tech used as covert cameras include smartwatches, sunglasses, sports watches and fashion accessories such as spy camera necklaces.

Hidden spy cameras that are designed to be wearable can be fastened to your jacket, shirt, belt or anywhere on your body to capture audio and video footage. If you need filming on the go, spy cameras are also built into everyday items of clothing and luggage to increase personal safety.   

Here are the latest trends in hidden cameras you can wear.

Increased Security from Wearable Tech

Although body cameras are typically used by law enforcement agencies, covert cameras can be used for your own security. Now, wearable surveillance has developed into the next level in personal safety.

To gain increased security from a wearable camera, base your buying decision on a camera that’s compact, unobtrusive and easily attachable to your clothing or body.

Look out for:

  • Wide-angle view lens
  • Robust features
  • High video quality and storage (720p – 1080p+)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Hands-free operation
  • Night vision mode
  • Spy camera to smartphone integration
  • USB charging
  • Battery life

TIP:  Sound and video quality is essential as some hidden cameras can muffle or distort as you move around.

Smarter and Edgier 

The wearable camera industry is predicted to be worth $10.9 billion by 2025.

In fact, the future of the camera is in wearables, according to Forbes. Wearables are shifting from notification-based utilities to standalone communication devices that offer more convenient ways to take footage and stay connected with an on-the-go culture.

But these devices can have other useful purposes as well. From James Bond-style spy glasses that can be used instead of a dashcam, spy pens or neckties to record meeting notes and hidden cam necklaces or spectacles to capture memories and achievements from everyday activities.

The smarter the technology becomes, the edgier wearables get as new ways to incorporate the technology into different clothing and accessories.

Tiny Technology

One of the biggest developments in spy technology over the years is its size.

To install spy cameras within smaller devices chip and storage technology has decreased in size, whilst their capabilities have become more powerful. Wearable spy cameras with better battery technology will allow for hours of recording footage on one charge whilst storing video and audio footage to a memory card or smartphone.

Smartwatches with Recorders

As the practicality of smartwatches increase, so does the need for additional features like cameras and video recording.

Although video recording hasn’t been developed in smartwatches yet, there are various workarounds to take photos. For example; using an Apple Watch as a remote viewfinder to piggyback on a paired iPhone’s camera. But direct photo taking and video and voice recording are promising features for the future.

Wearables that Integrate with Devices and Platforms

There are already trends towards voice computing for wearable cameras to connect users with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Whilst it’s a technology still to come for wearable hidden cameras, some devices like Google Glass have experimented with the integration. But battery life and quality are constant challenges.

Before purchasing a wearable spycam, check for its compatibility with other devices and platforms. Some are smartphone-enabled with inbuilt video storage for better accessibility whereas others need to be connected to a computer or laptop to view the footage.

Hidden spy cameras have become a tool to use for proof of protection. For more information about how The Spy Store can help you with your hidden or surveillance camera needs, contact us today or follow our blog for the latest tips on security and personal protection.

Disclaimer: Before using hidden spy cameras, please consider the legal and ethical implications and check the Privacy Act and the Surveillance Devices Act relevant to your area.