The Benefits of a Wireless Security Camera System With Remote Viewing

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Running a home or a business comes with numerous security risks.

Luckily, there are plenty of security solutions to take care of those.

That said, you need a solution with an affordable price that’s flexible and easy to install.

So, what are your options?

You can either choose a wired camera or a wireless security camera system.

A business owner investigating possible theft may opt for a wired security camera system. But is this the best solution? Probably not.

Extended installation time and cost — as well as problems like potential power outages — reduce the wired surveillance system’s effectiveness.

But, unlike with cabled cameras, wireless cameras are easy to install, allow remote viewing, and have a power backup.

To that end, a wireless camera comes out as the better option in securing and monitoring your assets.

So, what are the benefits of wireless cameras?

Benefits of Wireless Security Cameras with Remote Viewing

Wireless Cameras are Cheaper to Install

Consider the installation cost associated with either a wired or a wire-free system. 

A wired security system has a high cost of installation, because of the following:

  • Size of your home or business — For a sizable area, you’ll need extra cables, more system components, and  higher labor costs.
  • Technical assistance — You’ll need professional help for the installation unless you’re an expert in the area.
    Structural changes — They require drilling holes, laying conduit, and subsequent repairs to seal off different areas. 

On the flipside, with DIY installation instructions, you can install a wireless camera with little to no cost.

Data Security of a Camera System

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Despite security efforts, it's possible to lose security footage to vandalism.

What makes a wireless camera more secure?

A wireless camera can utilize cloud storage technology for data back-up. This means you can keep a copy of your SD card contents on the cloud, and that your data will be secure even if tampered with.

A point to note: You can use free cloud storage offered by hosting companies such as Google Drive, but the free cloud is limited and you need to pay for more space.

Lastly, a surveillance camera like 4G 1080 IP Security Camera has a motion-sensing feature and a mobile alert system. Using these two elements, you can take quick action against vandals to avert data loss.


Buying a remote viewing device may be slightly more expensive due to it being more advanced technology.

Nonetheless, the overall cost is lower because of the negligible cost of its installation. To that end, a small business can install a wireless camera to cut costs.

Check out this affordable wireless camera for an idea of where to start.

Power Flexibility

As you monitor your assets, a power outage can create an opportunity for fraud or theft

A wireless network stands out in contrast to this, because of its power alternative — the internal battery.

You can either charge the internal battery from your home or buy an extra battery pack to minimize the need for charging.

Location Flexibility

Home security requires constant monitoring of cameras, video recording, and scanning of new risks. The preferred camera system should, therefore, be flexible to track moving threats.

With that in mind, the mobility of a wireless system is ideal.

If there’s a new spot where you wish to place a camera, it's possible to quickly relocate one or simply buy an additional unit, thanks to the absence of a cable.

This means you can react quickly to potential threats, and do so at a low cost.

Why Choose a Wireless Camera Over a Hidden Cabled Camera?

ision motion detection
4G 1080p IP Security Camera With 20x Optical Zoom

Differentiating Factor Wireless Cameras Cabled Hidden Cameras
Home Ownership Plan The mobility of the wireless network works with the moving that often happens when renting apartments. The extensive network demand is better suited for permanent homes.
Power Outage An internal battery is not affected by grid outages, thereby boosting home security. During a power outage, both night vision and motion detection features fail.
Adaptability to Small Businesses It's ideal for small businesses due to its cost of installation, its flexibility of use, and its easy relocating. Large firms are best to absorb the high cost of cabling and installation.

Different Types of Wireless Security Camera Systems

4G Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

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4G Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

If you’re regularly away from your business or home, the 4G Wireless Outdoor Security Camera is your best bet. Because it supports 4G, 3G, and AP mode, you can keep tabs via the internet or a Wi-Fi network.


It has a micro SD slot that supports up to 128GB.

Being accessible via the internet, you can also back up your data to the cloud.

Video Capability 

This camera is built with 1080p HD, H.264 video compression, and a 2-megapixel camera that ensures the images are of the highest quality.

Note: For improved night vision, it’s fitted with 10 LED Infrared Night Vision Array. This boosts visibility at night up to a 25 meter radius.


The wireless camera has an easy to use app that is accessible via Android and iOS platforms.

Plus, the camera’s zoom function is app-controlled, making it easy to get a closer look from a mobile phone.

Grab this security camera for quality surveillance.

4G 1080p IP Security Camera With 5X Optical Zoom

1080p full hd video outdoor security cameras
4G 1080p IP Security Camera With 5x Optical Zoom

Are you struggling with a low-quality outdoor camera?

Then you may need an upgrade.

That said, there is no better solution than the 4G 1080P IP Security Camera.

With it, you’ll get up to 50 meters of Infrared night vision and a 5X optical zoom to ensure all your pictures come out crystal clear.

But what justifies the boast of “upgrade”?

Two-Way Audio

How would you feel if you could tell-off an intruder before they do any damage?

Likely even more secure, right?

This is what the camera offers. Using its two-way audio feature, you can listen to the live recording and speak through its app, whether it’s accepting delivery or telling off an intruder.

Motion Sensing

Its CMOS sensor powers the camera’s motion-sensing ability. Therefore, instead of capturing useless footage, it only records when there’s movement — a feature that optimizes hard drive capacity and battery life.

Using the CamHi app, it’s even possible to set a motion alert.

Video Quality

A device with clear images and recordings makes all the difference. This is what the 4G 1080p IP Security Camera delivers.

Below are the aspects that underscore this:

  • The lens can tilt 355° horizontally and 120° vertically.
  • Its field of view ranges from 2.7mm to 13.55mm.
  • Its resolution is 1920*1080p.
  • It has 5X optical zoom and an autofocus lens.

These aspects enhance the quality of pictures taken, as well as improve the clarity and overall detail.

Acquire this security system with a pocket-friendly list-price today.

GF-H100 Smart Clock HD Hidden Camera

color night vision
GF-H100 Smart Clock HD Hidden Camera

This smart clock is the perfect spying device to use as an indoor security camera.

With its fully functional clock radio, you can place it in different locations around your home and it will blend in with its surroundings.

Also, its automatic plug and play function makes it easy to connect directly to a wireless device

So, what unique features do clock radio cameras have?


The clock radio device connects perfectly with iPhones. Its lightning-fast connector enables quick access to the database and its features.

Even so, users can still access it remotely via Android devices or a PC.

Video Quality

It also comes with superior image quality, powered by 1080p full HD and H.264 video compression. Plus, all the pictures are time and date stamped, too.

Latest Technology

All GF-H100 Smart Clock hidden cameras are compatible with the Lookman and DOD Mini Cam App.

Its latest version has a more robust Wi-Fi antenna and is designed for superior performance.       

Try Our Wireless Security Cameras 

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Among other factors, remote access best suits current working trends — you can plan a business trip without worry or work from home, all while still monitoring operations.

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