Plug and Play Options for Wireless Security Systems

Plug and Play security camera

The advent of modern technologies like wireless communication has revolutionized more realms than just the tech-world. 

With these remote devices, homeowners, business people, and other Australian lay people can harness the power of modern tools to secure their properties while also offering themselves a myriad of other conveniences.

These include timed dog feeders, automated lawnmowers, vacuum machines, thermostats, electric lighting, locks, and so on.

All automated, all controlled from a single control panel. 

Or, better yet, from your smartphone.

But, for most people who deem this to be an appropriate investment, these tools and software are at their most effective when used in home security systems. 

There are tons of security gadgets available in the Australian market right now that cater to security customers of all needs, budgets, and locations.

Here at The Spy Store, we have a wide array of home security equipment. Two are our home security cameras — both an excellent start for your home or business security system.

What follows are a few pointers we thought would be important to keep in mind while shopping for and setting up the perfect wireless, plug-and-play security system. And then our profile of these two prime wireless security options. 

Understanding (the Benefits of) Plug and Play Wireless Security

Plug and play security devices are systems meant to work efficiently for as long as possible, without much maintenance or configuration. 

There’s a wide range of security systems created by different vendors, all of which vary in specs, cost, configuration, and precise utility in your home or business.

There are two main configurations of a plug and play security system: one, the wireless camera, and two, the home alarm system. 

When bought as one whole comprehensive package, you’ll have an alarm security system integrated via a wireless network.

More and more security manufacturers in the field are producing systems with increasingly efficient proprietary operating software, mobile compatibility, and integration with virtual personal assistants such as Siri and Alexa.

Other essential features and benefits offered by a plug and play security system include: 

Simple Configuration & No Wiring

With wireless network security, all you need to get is a battery-powered camera and boom! 

You have the efficiency of any plug and play CCTV camera without having to deal with the physical vulnerability of even the best wired camera. 

Motion Sensing & Motion Detection

With the appropriate peripherals, you can rig your home to automatically detect unexpected movements — especially when not you’re around and in areas you’re less likely to frequent, such as your backyard.

The way motion sensing devices work is by sending an alert to your personal alarm control pad, thereby prompting you, via a text alert, of a possible intrusion. 

You’re then able to decide whether to set the alarm off yourself, or contact the authorities. Or both. 

Next, we look at some of our most sought after wireless security options.

Which Is the Best Plug and Play Wireless Security Camera?

For our top pick, we’ve found two worthy contenders: 

The IP Home Camera (20X)

4G 1080p IP Security Camera With 10x Optical Zoom
4G 1080p IP Security Camera With 10x Optical Zoom

The payoff you’re bound to get after procuring this powerful security camera starts with its motion sensing.

With four distinct coverage areas, and with 100 degrees of sensitivity adjustment, you can fine-tune this device to only capture events that are worth your time.

While a field mouse isn’t going to threaten your livestock, wild dogs certainly might.

An excellent home security camera system to protect your home, warehouse, worksite, or ranch, this camera's IP66 water-resistant rating means it can survive the elements.

It’s easy to install, easy to use, and easy to control via the iOS and Android apps.

Pros Cons
  • 1080p HD resolution
  • 10x optical zoom for detailed clarity
  • Infrared night vision up to 60 meters
  • Motion detection with push notifications
  • Wire-free mobile control
  • Dual-way audio
  • Night vision functionality
  • WiFi compatible; smart home and smart security enabled
  • Supports up to 128G TF Card Storage
  • Slightly pricier compared to other alarms in the market

The PTZ Zoom Solar Kit (20X)

PTZ Bundle 20x Zoom Solar Kit
PTZ Bundle 20x Zoom Solar Kit

A solar-powered camera such as this PTZ camera kit is bound to do much more than frighten off would-be thieves.

It can let you know about injuries at a work site, wild animals attacking your livestock, and yes, would-be home invaders casing your property.

With its motion detection, infrared night vision, and push notifications heading directly to your mobile phone, you’ll know the moment that something’s up — giving you time to act.

With fewer false alarms, when you get a push notification to your mobile phone, you’ll be able to access the camera from anywhere in the world via our smartphone app. You can control the pan, tilt, and the 20x optical zoom.

This will give you a clear view of what’s going on without needing to be on-site. Meaning that you’ll always be able to check in, no matter where you are in the world.

Pros Cons
  • Comes with mounting bracket, screws, and control display pad
  • Motion sensing
  • Compatible with Wi-fi and push notifications
  • Initial setup requires some expertise
  • Comes at a high price compared to other devices

Things to Consider Before Purchase and Installation

smart home monitoring system
Source: Pxhere

Home Automation — Will I Have Full Remote Control of My Security Cameras?

With home security cameras, you as the home or business owner are looking for maximum control over all your location’s safety. 

This means that the more features there are included in your security system, the more control you will exercise in your home.

We’re talking about:

  • Voice Assistance integration (such as Google Assistant or Siri)
  • Dual-way audio recording ability
  • Night vision functionality
  • Motion sensing and motion detection
  • IoT features such as sprinkler, fire, and thermostat control

Size & Range — How Big Is My Home?

The sort of wireless camera or wireless alarm system that you can retrofit in a ten-bedroom villa will almost always be different from the sort that you can fit into a studio apartment. 

And that means different in terms of brand, type, and range.

Luckily, most security manufacturers know this and have made a point of putting out cameras and alarms that are customisable and range-expandable. 

The available ranges are usually:

  • Minimal range — Covers a single room or office; usually consists of a camera and contact sensors; rarely includes night vision. (Check out the compact 3G SIM Wildlife Trail Outdoor Camera that’s perfect for a small-scale property.)
  • Mid-range — Covers moderately sized properties, shopping stalls, small offices, and 3 to 4 bedroom homes. (Check out the IP camera with 5X zoom and 1080p resolution.)
  • Expansive range — Covers large domiciles, such as multistoried properties and houses with more than four bedrooms. (Check out the PTZ Solar-powered camera. It’s designed specifically for customers looking for a durable and power-friendly plug and play camera.)

The Efficiency of Monitoring — Who Will Watch My Home/Business?

The main question to answer here is whether you intend to monitor the system yourself or outsource this task to professional service members.

  • Self-monitoring — It’s free, but requires continuous, or at the least frequent, live-streaming of the video feed
  • Professional monitoring — A charged service for which you get round the clock surveillance of your premises

Needless to say, if you’re on a budget and not a resident of a high-risk area in Australia, then you’re better off handling your security feed yourself. 

Whatever you choose to do, the important thing is ensuring that you have the relevant contacts on standby: the fire department, health responders, and the local police.

Software Security — Will My Security System Be Hacked?

Will it? Probably not. Can it? Sadly, yes.

But this is attributable to the simple fact that any device that functions wirelessly uses a medium that can be exploited if the hacker is proficient enough. 

Security devices that need access to a Wi-Fi connection are at more risk if the right precautions are not taken. What you need to do is procure a security system that offers high-order encryption

This will allow you to create and manage a password-protected profile accessed and known only by you. 

Regularly updating your wireless settings, and setting up regular video feed backups, will also go a long way towards reinforcing the existing protective measures.

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