4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker JM-VL01
4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker JM-VL01
4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker JM-VL01
4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker JM-VL01
4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker JM-VL01
4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker JM-VL01
4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker JM-VL01

4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker JM-VL01


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Optional Ready to track upgrade + $29.00

How does this work?

Arrives pre-configured to your choice of carrier, including a SIM starter kit. Simply activate your sim card, add your credit and plug it into the device. No device configuration necessary.

own it from $10/wk







Track your personal car, motorbike or fleet vehicle 24/7 with our 4G Hardwired Car GPS tracker. No batteries, no charging needed, this GPS tracker is hardwired to your vehicle allowing 365 days 24/7 tracking of your car, van, motorbike or truck. Should the inevitable happen and your vehicle is stolen, you can remotely disable the fuel supply to your vehicle's engine via your mobile phone.

Providers supported: Optus, Vodafone, Telstra.

The 4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker is to be used with the Tracksolid Pro App. 


Track your own car or a fleet of vehicles 24/7 with our 4G Hardwired Car GPS tracker. No batteries, no charging needed, this 4G GPS vehicle tracker is an easy to install, hardwired tracker allowing 365 days 24/7 tracking of your car, van, motorbike or truck. 

Track Multiple Devices
Working with fleet vehicles, or have more than one vehicle at home you want to track? Should you need to track multiple vehicles at any one time, the app allows for multiple devices to be tracked on the smartphone app.

Huge Tracking History Storage & Battery Power
Our 4G device stores 180 days worth of tracking history and can be playback from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The 450mAh battery provides sufficient power supply in emergency situations including the use of an SOS button and over-speed alarm.

Should the tracker lose 4G signal the device will memorise the GPS data and upload the signal once it establishes a connection with the 4G network again.

Free Lifetime Subscription
It comes with a free lifetime subscription (no contracts) for web platform and app tracking (using Tracksolid Pro App )compatible with PC, Apple, and Android devices. The device also has been pre-configured for free. 

Remote Cut-Off
The 4G GPS tracker supports remote cut-off to the fuel and power to better protect the car should the inevitable happen and your vehicle is stolen. The app allows you to not only track your vehicle but disable it should you need to. 

WiFi Hotspot
In addition to the standard functions a GPS car tracker has, this device can also function as a WiFi hotspot turning your whole vehicle into a wifi router working off the 4G network.


Sim card is required for all GPS Trackers. They are not included as part of the product and will have to be purchased at your own cost.

Free lifetime subscription is provided on the Tracksolid Pro App, NOT sim card.

Make sure the purchased sim card has : call, text and data credit.

Does it make noise?
The 4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker doesn't make any noise.

Does the light make it visible? 
The Car GPS tracker does have an LED light, which is turned on for start up, but this will go out in a few minutes. This light is small and can be easily covered with a piece of tape if you are concerned about its visibility. 

How do I see where it is currently located?
Open the tracking app or website and click "Real Time". This will show the current location of your vehicle.

How do I see where my vehicle has been? 
Open the tracking app or website and click "Historical Route". This will show the route driven over the past 6 months. Select "Play" and the screen will show the routes taken. Select any day in the last 6 months to view the playback for that day. 

I have more then one vehicle being tracked, how do I see individual details? 
Open the tracking app or website and you should see all of your vehicles at once. To see details on one specific vehicle, click on it individually. You can also nickname vehicles to make this process easier.

Do I have to pay for anything?
You don't have to pay for using the tracking app.

You do have to pay for a SIM card for the device, as these are not included. Discuss your options with your mobile provider, but a pre-paid SIM is usually cheapest. You will need 1-3 GB of data per month minimum, this can be anywhere from $10 to $30 a month. 

Does it need to be installed by a mechanic?
You can either install the Car GPS Tracker yourself or go to a mechanic. Installation costs with a mechanic can vary according to vehicle type and whether the engine immobiliser option is fitted. Costs will vary with each mechanic but its usually between $100 to $150. 

You can install the product yourself, head over to our support page and check out the wiring diagram

Can the engine ignition or fuel pump be shut down remotely? 
Yes, the Car GPS Tracker can be commanded to remotely shut down the fuel pump and engine via the ignition. The stopping of an engine or fuel pump via the ignition whilst driving may have dangerous consequences, please proceed to use this feature with caution. 

Is the tracker waterproof or water-resistant? 
The Car GPS Tracker is waterproof (IPX5 rating) as long as the water seal is closed at all times. 

What is the size and weight of the tracker? 
The Car GPS Tracker is 113mm long, 51 mm wide and 20mm in height. It weighs 105 grams. 

What alerts can I set up with this Car GPS Tracker?
You can set up alerts for speeding, moving/towing, geo-fences, tampering and any abnormalities with the tracker. 

What size SIM does this GPS Tracker Us
Our 4G Hardwired GPS Tracker is compatible with Micro SIM Cards.

  • 1x GPS Tracker Unit
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x Free Lifetime Subscription for tracking website/app

FrequencyGSM:850/900/1800/1900 MHz
WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100MHz (B1/B2/B5/B8)
FrequencyWCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100MHz (B1/B2/B5/B8)
GPRSClass 12, TCP/IP
Phase errorRMSPE<5,PPE<20
Max OutputGSM850/GSM900:33±3dBm
Max frequency error±0.1ppm
GPS chipsetU-blox   
FrequencyGPS L1, 1575.42MHz
GPS channel66
Location accuracy<10 meters
Tracking sensitivity-162dBm
Acquisition sensitivity-149dBm
TTFF (open sky)Avg. hot start ≤1sec
 Avg. cold start ≤45sec
WiFi2.4 GHz
LED indicatorGPS (blue), GSM(green), power (red)
Working voltage/current12VDC/76mA(12VDC); 38mA(24VDC)
Operating temperature-20℃~70℃
Sim Card SizeNano Sim

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gps track

Good service prompt delivery

Works as advertised

Customer support has been really good and all my questions were clarified when I called them up. Am buying another for another vehicle. Cheers

GPS tracker

I had a little trouble with all the wiring but I took my time and now I am very pleased with the results. Tracker will pay for itself just for the peace of mind. Works well.

The Best

I have had an Awesome experience Mick you are a Champion fantastic after sales service could not do enough for me with setting up and showing me how to keep update with the software a real big help there. Also not to unhappy to go through re go through everything to make sure I understand how to instal and operate the units with different menus the gps has very important if you want the best out of the GPS unit..

Thankyou Guys 😁👍

Excellent capabilities

Being installed this week

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Click here to download GPS Manual Setup Guide

Click here to check out the wiring diagram of the 4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

How to configure the 4G Hardwired Jimi GPS

Once you’ve gotten your Hardwired JIMI installed by your mechanic, you may need to complete additional setup steps depending on your chosen SIM Service Provider. 

  1. Before powering on your Hardwired GPS, Insert the Activated Mobile Device SIM (Your SIM should be a Mobile Device SIM with SMS/Call/Data.

  2. Turn the Hardwired GPS to the ON position AFTER having inserted the SIM

  3. In 1-3 minutes the device will begin to flash Red, Green and Blue. This indicates power, cellular connection and LBS/GPS connectivity respectively.

  4. If you haven’t already done so, download and register your account with TrackSolidPro, the platform used to track your new GPS unit.

  5. Add your Hardwired GPS to your account via the LIST section (Selected at the bottom of the App) and then click the + in the top right corner, entering the devices unique IMEI or using the QR reader to scan the device in.

Your device is now powered, registered and tracking! If for some reason this is not the case, there are some SMS commands to calibrate the device to your chosen carrier and recalibrate the servers. Here are those commands and an explanation:

Command 1: APN,(APN of your chosen carrier, no brackets)#

Example: APN,telstra.internet#

This command calibrates the device to your chosen network provider (Telsta/Optus/Vodaphone) and we have these APNs written in the GPS Manual available on our portable GPS webpages.

Command 2: SERVER,gpsdev.tracksolid.com,21100,0#

This command recalibrates the device connectivity to the TracksolidPro servers after you’ve calibrated with Command 1, setting the APN.

If you’re experiencing issues with your GPS Setup, please contact our customer support team at customersupport@thespystore.com.au with your order number, device IMEI/ID, the Mobile Number of the SIM you’ve purchased and the SIM Carrier you’ve chosen. 

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