Catch A Thief

Catch A Thief


      Does your stuff keep disappearing? No, you probably aren't going crazy.

      The overall number of theft offenses is unfortunately growing year by year.

      The most frequently stolen items are purses, wallets, and money. The next most common are jewelry and watches, computer equipment, and other electronic goods, for example, cameras.

      Maybe you’ve already taken steps to protect yourself against theft or burglary, but if it happens, here’s what you can do to help the police catch the thief.

      Install a camera.

      At The Spy Store, we provide cameras that can notify you that someone is in your house as well as record their activity. They start recording when motion is detected, allowing you to see what’s happening on your smartphone and control the camera. Make sure you choose a camera with all the features you need.

      The positioning of your cameras is key to providing useful evidence for the police. If placed in the correct places, you should be able to catch the intruders’ faces (provided they’re not wearing face coverings) as they wander around. Ideally, interior cameras should be at head height and face the inside of the front door, the back door, and any vulnerable windows, as we know these are the likely entry points. 

      Don’t forget passages and hallways too. Cameras here are likely to catch people as they make their way to the stairs, move from room to room and leave.

      Shop our range of hidden cameras, and we'll help you find out what's really going on!