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GPS for Tracker

GPS for trackers enables the tracking of moving objects, people, and animals. This device is attached to the person or object and shares data on a platform where you can access it. This platform is generally a mobile application or computer program that displays information such as distance travelled and the device’s location. Some types of trackers may be able to see the tracking data live and store it for a certain period.

While you may be familiar with the common uses of GPS technology as it is quite ubiquitous in our lives, such as in-car navigation programs that give you directions to places, there are many other helpful uses of GPS for trackers. GPS for trackers plays an important role in businesses, security, and even the medical field. 

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How does a tracking device work?

GPS for trackers works by connecting to a series of satellites to determine the device’s location. GPS for trackers uses a process called trilateration to determine latitude, longitude, elevation, and time by referencing the device’s position to three or more satellites. While you can see similarities to your in-car navigation system, the GPS tracking system does not provide directions. Instead, it focuses on keeping a record of driving habits and speed and distance travelled by the person or vehicle.

It should be quite simple to operate once you get the initial experience of setting up GPS for trackers. Vehicle trackers, which are usually hardwired or portable devices, simply sit inside the car or are attached to them through adhesive or a magnet. Personal GPS trackers come in the form of a watch or small device that the person being tracked carries. While portable car trackers and personal GPS trackers utilise a replaceable internal battery for their functionality, hardwired car GPS tracker devices use the car’s electrical system. 

You may need to perform some initial setup after purchasing the device, as most of these tracking devices require a network or internet connection. Note that most GPS devices need a SIM card to properly function, so be sure to get one. Once you have the SIM card, connect it with the device you will be using to monitor the device’s location. This is done by installing an application or program on your mobile phone or computer. All you need to do after is to ensure the device is working properly by matching the location tracked by the device to its current location. 

After these steps are completed, you just need to install or give the device to the person or car you will track. Once the car or person goes on the move, data will then be collected and sent to the software, which will be further aggregated and analysed for your perusal.

Can GPS be used for tracking?

As GPS gives crucial information about the device’s location and can report details on the movements of a vehicle, person, or object, it can be effective for tracking purposes. Here are some examples where GPS can be a useful tool for tracking:

  • Finding out where your teen, elderly parent, or vehicle is at any given time
  • Alerting for help during an emergency or accident
  • Monitoring your teen’s or employee’s driving habits 
  • Recovering a stolen vehicle faster by giving pertinent information to the authorities
  • Getting trip details and statistics for your fleet or freight

Privacy concerns surrounding GPS tracking have resulted in legislation on how these tracking devices can be used. While it is completely legal to install tracking devices for vehicles you own, please check the current federal, state, and local laws when installing one on someone else’s vehicle or property. It is also best to be transparent to your family members or employees about using a car tracking system or personal GPS device so that there are no violations of privacy laws.

What are the benefits of using GPS for tracking?

Many benefits relate to safety and security for personal GPS tracker systems, such as for your children or elderly parents. The tracking device may be used to support a safer community around your child or teen; and it also gives location information during an emergency, disappearance, or possible abduction. 

Generally, it also gives you peace of mind to allow your child or elderly parent to travel without supervision. Some GPS systems even contain features that further guarantee the protection of your loved ones and your vehicular assets, such as geofencing, which alerts you if your car has left a designated location.

For businesses that use GPS tracking vehicles mainly for fleet management, there are also many benefits to using a piece of equipment like this. It provides the latest technology that allows you to optimise routes and improve customer service by providing a real-time fleet status. You can also increase cargo security and understand your company driver’s behaviour to promote safety and minimise unwanted behaviour such as speeding. Tracking essentially gives you the avenues to up your game and go above the standard for maximising your business for optimal growth.

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