GPS for Tracking Cars

GPS for Tracking Car

With the omnipresence of GPS, you might consider purchasing GPS for tracking car for your company or household. Whether you want to protect your loved ones or are operating a fleet of vehicles and wish to improve fuel efficiency and road safety, the answer is a resounding yes – GPS tracking for cars is a valuable investment. 

GPS for tracking car uses the Global Positioning System to indicate a car’s location. Essentially, it can locate your car and tell you whether it is on the move or parked. Having GPS for tracking car is a must-have in this modern day and age as it comes with numerous features and provides you with peace of mind.

The Spy Store has all your GPS tracking needs. Whether you are looking for the best GPS car tracker for your fleet of drivers or powerful car tracker devices to prevent your car from being stolen, we house various products for sale that can help you elevate security – from outdoor camera devices, car trackers, and a camera for spy purposes to GPS device trackers

How can GPS be used for tracking car?

Once you have installed your GPS for tracking car, you might wonder how the GPS can be used for its tracking function. GPS tracking products utilise a network of satellites to determine the location of the device you installed. The car GPS tracker device or car tracking system uses trilateration. In this process, the physical location of your car is determined based on its distance from at least three known points. This is the same technology your car uses, an in-car navigation system, which helps you get from place to place. However, a key difference is that GPS tracking units do not serve that function but instead keep a record of driving habits such as speed and distance travelled and actively broadcast the location of said vehicle.

Note that the technology that GPS for tracking car uses is similar to that in our smartphones and computers. It uses network services or an internet connection, meaning that a SIM card must be purchased for the GPS security tracker to gather proper information. Some GPS for tracking car may also require the installation of an app and payment of regular subscription fees.

The GPS products available at The Spy Store, however, come with a free lifetime subscription to the tracking app that you can use in conjunction with the vehicle tracker you purchase. You can surely take advantage of all the features of our GPS tracker devices without worrying about extra costs. Rest easy knowing our team of experts has carefully selected only the most reliable and highly functional GPS for tracking car on the market.

How accurate are GPS car trackers?

GPS technology is the foundation of vehicle tracking, and at any given moment, at least four satellites are orbiting the earth. Each of these satellites transmits a constant time and location, which a vehicle tracking device picks up and then calculates the exact latitude and longitude of its location. Given this, GPS car trackers are accurate. 

But how accurate are they? The vast majority of vehicle trackers can pinpoint the location of a car or freight to a three-metre radius. While that may be accurate enough, some GPS systems can track a vehicle within a one-metre radius. Using GPS car trackers to determine a location is about as accurate you can get.

How to choose the right GPS car tracker?

Your employees need to be educated about privacy and monitoring before implementing our car GPS systems in your business. GPS tracking is not prohibited in Australia. To avoid legal issues, ensure that you are familiar with the Privacy Act, the Fair Work Regulations, and the Surveillance Devices Act in your state or region.

The type of tracker you choose depends on what you need to do. If you need to track more than one car or if you want to monitor something else, such as your pet or an object, you’ll need a portable GPS tracker.

Portable or battery-powered trackers can be easily moved between multiple locations. They are compact and easy to set up so that you can use them almost anywhere. At The Spy Store, we carry devices that have a magnetic body to allow you to stealthily mount your GPS for tracking car. Because they are portable, you do not have to limit yourself to using them for vehicles. Drop one in your preschooler’s backpack so you can watch them go to school and ensure their safety or carry one with you on your routine hike to let everyone know where you are. The possibilities are endless with a portable GPS tracker.

If you only need to monitor one car, however, a hardwired GPS system on the vehicle is your best choice. This type does not require constant battery replacements and get their power directly from your car’s electrical system. If you are comfortable with simple automotive work, you can easily install these yourself or get a professional to install them in under half an hour. Hardwired systems allow for more optional features as they are connected to your vehicle’s computer software. You can immobilise the car if it gets stolen, and you can gather more data about speed and distance driving.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about installing or setting up your GPS for tracking car or if you need assistance in choosing the right GPS locator. All of our items are covered by a warranty, and quick and easy delivery is provided by Australia Post. 

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