GPS Tracker for Cars

      4G Magnetic GPS Tracker
      • Lifetime License Included
      • 15-20 Days Average Battery Life
      • Ideal for Individual Use
      • A portable tracking solution with built-in magnet
      4G Hardwired Car GPS Tracker JM-VL01
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      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • Connected to a vehicle battery, track 24/7 whenever the vehicle is on
      • Included wiring allows for remote fuel and power cut-off
      • Add and track multiple GPS Trackers on 1 convenient account
      4G Portable Car GPS Tracker
      Regular price $349.00 Sale price$299.00
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      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • A portable 4G tracker with a powerful magnet and adhesives included
      • 15-20 Day Average Battery Life
      • Add and track multiple GPS Trackers on 1 convenient account
      4G Portable GPS Asset & Vehicle Tracker
      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • Supports multiple 4G Australian service providers (Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone and more)
      • Not just for vehicles, attach anywhere with the included magnet clip!
      • 10 Day Average Battery Life
      • Monitor any asset by attaching this portable, weatherproof tracker
      Mini 4G OBD GPS Multi Alert Tracker
      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • Compact and easy to install
      • Connected to a vehicle battery, track 24/7 whenever the vehicle is on
      • Add and track multiple GPS Trackers on 1 convenient account
      4G Dual-Camera Dash Cam with GPS Tracker
      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • Live view 1080p HD Front and Rear Cameras
      • Connected to a vehicle battery, track 24/7 whenever the vehicle is on
      • Add and track multiple GPS Trackers on 1 convenient account
      4G Fleet Dash Cam with Driver Behaviour Monitoring
      • Lifetime TracksolidPro License Included
      • Live view 1080p HD Front and Rear Cameras with advanced behaviour monitoring
      • Connected to a vehicle battery, track 24/7 whenever the vehicle is on
      • Add and track multiple GPS Trackers on 1 convenient account
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      On The Convenience Of A GPS Tracker For Car Security

      A GPS tracker for car security has become an important tool in recent years. They offer a convenient and effective way to keep tabs on your vehicle, allowing you to locate it quickly and easily in the event of theft or other problems.

      At The Spy Store Australia, we’re passionate about spy gear and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Join us as we explore features, advantages, and considerations when it comes to using a GPS tracker for car monitoring.

      Introduction to GPS Trackers for Cars

      Overview of the GPS tracker for car surveillance

      So, what is a GPS device tracker? This device, sometimes called car tracking devices or car GPS trackers, is your secret agent on wheels. Their mission? To keep a digital eye on your vehicle’s location and activities. From fleet management to personal safety, they add a level of control and reassurance by leveraging satellite technology straight out of a spy novel.

      Different features and capabilities of GPS trackers

      The abilities of a GPS car tracker extend far beyond simply pinpointing a vehicle’s location. They come loaded with a variety of functionalities to cater to diverse requirements. Real-time tracking, history replay, speed alerts, and geofencing – these features make a GPS tracker a powerful tool that enhances your vehicle’s security and awareness.

      Considerations when evaluating GPS trackers

      Before jumping straight into the world of car surveillance, let’s talk about selection strategy. Look for a GPS tracking device for a car that balances size, usability, update frequency, accuracy, and battery life. And remember, the price tag isn’t always indicative of quality. Some devices might surprise you with additional features like theft protection, all without busting your budget.

      Remember, the ideal GPS tracker is one that best aligns with your requirements, empowering you with essential knowledge and peace of mind.

      Hidden GPS Tracker for Car Security

      Advantages of Hidden GPS Trackers

      Hidden GPS trackers offer a range of advantages when it comes to car tracking. One key advantage is the covert nature of these trackers, allowing you to monitor a vehicle discreetly without drawing attention. Whether it’s for personal security or fleet management purposes, hidden GPS trackers provide peace of mind and real-time information.

      Portability and Battery-Powered Operation

      When it comes to hidden GPS trackers, portability and battery-powered operation are crucial features. The Spy Store understands the need for convenience and flexibility. Our range of GPS trackers offers portable options that can be easily tucked away within your vehicle.

      With battery-powered operation, these trackers can function independently, ensuring continuous monitoring even when the vehicle is turned off.

      Various Locations to Hide a GPS Tracker Within a Car

      Stealthy Tracking Capabilities and Convenience

      Stealthy tracking capabilities and convenience go hand in hand with hidden GPS trackers. Our range of trackers offers advanced features such as real-time tracking, geofencing alerts, and user-friendly interfaces. With these capabilities, you can effortlessly keep tabs on your vehicle’s whereabouts, ensuring peace of mind and efficient management.

      Common Features and Functionality

      Geofencing and Customisable Zones for Alerting Users

      Geofencing is a powerful feature offered by vehicle live tracking devices that allows users to define specific boundaries or zones. At The Spy Store, we understand the importance of customisation and security. Our GPS trackers provide the ability to set up geofencing parameters, enabling you to create virtual perimeters for your vehicles.

      With customisable zones, you can receive instant alerts whenever a vehicle enters or exits designated areas. This feature is invaluable for monitoring unauthorised vehicle movement, ensuring safety, and providing peace of mind.

      Telemetric Information about a Vehicle’s Usage and Location

      Our GPS trackers offer real-time tracking capabilities, providing you with accurate and up-to-date data. From tracking speed and distance travelled to monitoring fuel consumption and engine performance, telemetric information empowers you to make informed decisions about your vehicle’s usage and maintenance needs.

      Alerts for Speed, Impact Detection, Curfew, Battery, and More

      From speed alerts to curfew alerts and battery notifications, our car GPS trackers keep you updated on various aspects of your vehicle’s status. Impact detection alerts provide crucial information in the event of an accident or collision, ensuring prompt action can be taken. With these alerts, you can stay proactive and address any potential issues promptly.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      How do car insurance companies perceive the use of GPS trackers?

      Car insurance companies view the use of GPS trackers in a positive light. At The Spy Store, we understand the importance of insurance considerations. By installing a GPS tracker in your car, you demonstrate a commitment to vehicle security and responsible driving practices.

      Many insurance companies offer discounts or incentives to policyholders who have GPS trackers installed. These devices provide an additional layer of protection against theft and increase the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle, which ultimately reduces the insurance company’s risk.

      Are GPS trackers for cars compatible with different vehicle models and brands

      Absolutely! At The Spy Store, our GPS trackers are designed to be versatile and adaptable. Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, truck, or motorcycle, our trackers can be easily installed and integrated into your vehicle. We offer a wide range of GPS trackers that cater to different needs and vehicle types. Rest assured that regardless of the make or model, you can find a GPS tracker that suits your requirements.

      How accurate are GPS trackers for cars in terms of location tracking?

      When it comes to location tracking, GPS trackers for cars are highly accurate. Our GPS trackers utilise advanced GPS technology to provide accurate and real-time location information within just a few metres.

      They rely on a network of satellites to pinpoint the exact coordinates of your vehicle. However, it’s important to note that factors like signal strength and satellite availability can influence accuracy. Overall, you can rely on our GPS trackers to give you precise location data, empowering you with the knowledge you need to monitor your vehicle effectively.

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