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GPS Tracker for Car

A GPS tracker for car is a navigation device normally used on a vehicle, asset, person, or animal that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine its movement and location. A GPS tracker for car uses a network of satellites and a process called trilateration to function. It gathers data then sends it off to your phone or computer through a cellular network or internet connection.

With a range of GPS tracker for car options to suit every need and budget, we have you covered at The Spy Store. GPS trackers for cars are a great security solution for business owners, tradespeople, fleet managers, and everyday families. Vehicles are some of our most valuable assets, so we should protect them from theft and track them.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing GPS tracker for car or searching for a more affordable yet high-quality one, The Spy Store offers a variety of products that fit your needs. Ranging from simple and efficient portable 3G models to more top-notch 4G models, you will certainly find everything you need. Buy car trackers at our online store for a quick and easy shopping experience.

What is the purpose of a GPS tracker for cars?

A GPS tracker for car can be utilised in different settings and scenarios. However, the purpose of the device is to ultimately give vehicle owners peace of mind and relevant information on how a vehicle is being operated.

Parents can install the device on their family car to ensure their newly licensed teen is driving safely. You can also place one in your elderly parent’s car and set up geofencing to send you alerts whenever the vehicle has left a pre-set boundary. 

Our portable car GPS trackers available at The Spy Store can also double-function as a personal GPS tracker. You can remove it from your vehicle and transfer it to something else you want to track, such as your preschooler’s backpack or your pocket as you go for a hike.

Business owners with many cars or fleet managers can employ a quality GPS tracker system to improve efficiency in the workplace, as the device can give data regarding driving performances. Through this device, you can prevent reckless driving by monitoring the speed of your fleet. You can also lower fuel costs by planning more accurate routes, with the added benefit of ensuring your employees’ safety in any emergency.

Regular car owners can use the device to prevent their vehicular assets from being stolen. Some of our hardwired car tracking devices have the added functionality of remotely shutting off the engine, stopping criminals dead in their tracks and allowing for easy retrieval of your vehicle.

Where to hide a GPS tracker on a car?

When it comes to vehicle tracking devices, it’s best to place them in an inconspicuous area. This is because you want to prevent people from tampering with your device, especially in theft cases. It is possible for a criminal who has taken your car to simply throw out your tracking devices so that it stops tracking them if you leave them out in the open. 

When deciding where to hide a GPS tracker in a car, know that you have a lot of locations to choose from. Be sure to place it somewhere accessible so you can still retrieve it when it needs some maintenance or services. The following places are generally good hiding spots where you can hide GPS devices for tracking:

  • Inside the dashboard. For those with automotive experience and who understand how to open a dashboard, it is recommended to store your GPS tracking device in this area. The car driver will not be able to find it easily, and the device can still pick up strong satellite signals from this area.
  • On the undercarriage. This is also an excellent hiding spot if your tracker is magnetic. Your car GPS can easily stick to the metallic portions of the undercarriage. Be sure, however, to choose a GPS device with a good waterproof casing to ensure protection against the elements.
  • Behind the back seat. Some back seats have a foldable armrest with a deep space at the back of it where you can easily fit a tracker unnoticed. This compartment is usually easy to access but offers a good hiding spot as people are unlikely to check.

  • Be sure to check for connectivity when hiding GPS devices to avoid blocking important features. You can easily check this using your smartphone to see if your current location matches the one indicated on your GPS device tracker

    A good tip is to avoid placing your GPS devices for tracking in places that get a lot of direct sunlight to prevent them from melting. Placing it near your car’s in-navigation software is also not a good practice as the devices may interact, leading to more inaccuracies in GPS-related data.

    Is it legal to use GPS trackers in cars?

    If you plan to use GPS trackers for your business, we strongly suggest informing your employee drivers about privacy and monitoring. While GPS tracking is not prohibited in Australia, installing such a device without a person’s direct consent can be illegal. Make sure you consider the Privacy Act, Fair Work Regulations, and Surveillance Devices Act in your state or region.

    For a household, we also strongly recommend informing your teens or elderly parents about installing a device like this. It is best to be transparent about the security and safety functionality of this device to assure them. Choosing not to inform them can lead to conflict and a breach of trust within your household.

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    If you have questions about installing or servicing your GPS tracker or if you need help choosing the right GPS locator, feel free to contact us. We also offer a warranty for all our items and quick and easy shipping options through Australia Post. Buy GPS trackers today!